Rating Policy

wine quoteThe rating policy of Rockin Red Blog is simple: if the wine or wine product is enjoyed it will be clearly indicated in the blog. Wine enjoyment is completely subjective. Furthermore, what is the real difference between a wine rated 92% or 93%? At times I seek a numeric rating system as an overall indicator with an unfamiliar wine to see if the community finds it terrible, good or great; beyond that the actual numbers don’t mean too much.  Therefore, my rating policy is one of sharing the story of the event surrounding the wine, sharing the food the wine was paired with as well as the tasting notes. Based on that information my opinion of the wine will be shared; however, since the readers have all the information the readers can decide for themselves to buy or not to buy. Everyone has different palates and different tastes; there are no bad wines, only wines that either fit or do not fit our individual palates.

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