Hangin with Friends and Snakes

We had been discussing going out to dinner with some friends of ours for years. My son played hockey with their son since they were both barely able to walk.  Over the years and many travel teams later we have spent a lot of time with them but not a lot of one on one hanging out couple’s time. Since we both have teens heading off to college in a month we have a bit more free time than we have had in the past so we found ourselves sharing an awesome dinner recently at a great Dallas restaurant (that I highly recommend) called Malia Kitchen. We found out at dinner that we share a passion for wine, have been in some of the same wine clubs over the years and enjoy learning and exploring as much as we love drinking wine. Therefore, we decided at that dinner to meet again at our friend’s house, they would prepare the meal and we would bring the wine. Since we have similar likes in wine and food this was not only going to be easy but also fun!

LangmeilLangmeil Barossa Hangin Snakes 2011 Shiraz Viognier: This 96% Shiraz, 4% Viognier wine poured a deep garnet with purple hues into the glass. It met the nose with full body aromas of dark berries, briar spice, and toasted oak. It cascaded across the palate filling the mouth with jammy flavors of crushed blackberries, cherries, and ripe plums; followed by briar spices, black pepper, toasted oak, fresh herbs and a hint of damp underbrush. This medium body filled the mouth with fine tannins and beautifully balanced acidity. It presented medium viscosity and a medium to medium full dryness. Its 14.5% alcohol was understated as it felt fruity and full but not weighed down. It was a perfect pairing for the extraordinary dinner we were served by our friends. The appetizers included an array of cheese, nuts, and roasted jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and Velveeta wrapped in bacon! (That’s what I’m sayin…) Can you just taste that jammy, smokey, spicey Shiraz with the creaminess of the cheese and the smoked bacon? Divine! For dinner our hosts prepared marinated hanger steak with a fresh chimichurri sauce, Cajun baked beans, and green chili casserole. That meal was better than most restaurants. The wine loved the spicy and fresh flavors of that great meal and paired perfectly with all of them. Other food pairing suggestions include: brisket, barbeque, brats and ribs. It is also perfect with summer fruit pies or cobblers. The wine has a lot of flavor so it could overpower a poor food pairing; however, it is light enough to enjoy on a warm summer’s evening. I really enjoyed this wine and I would highly recommend it; especially if you prefer a fuller, fruit forward Shiraz with great spice and earthiness.

Langmeil appetizers

Langmeil dinner








Langmeil Chief Winemaker Paul Lindner and Winemaker Tyson Bitter strive to make award winning wines within the unique characteristics of the Barossa viticultural zone. One of those unique hallmarks is its dry irrigation, which insures maximum quality and flavor. The Barossa region offers a Mediterranean style climate characterized by cool, wet winters and reliably dry summers. The Barossa is Australia’s most famous wine region; home to some of the oldest Shiraz vines in the world. It is also said to be a gourmet’s paradise and a great cultural heritage. This is seen in the food, wine, buildings, people, art, festivities and outdoor activities. This eclectic region with its unique culture is what makes Langmeil’s wines extraordinary. I encourage you to visit the Langmeil Barossa web site to learn more about the winery and explore their portfolio of wines. Furthermore, visit the Barossa web site to learn more about this unique region of Southern Australia. To find the Langmeil Barossa Hangin Snakes 2011 Shiraz Viognier click here. SRP $20.


My Song Selection: The song I have chosen to pair with the Langmeil Barossa Hangin Snakes 2011 Shiraz Viognier is Lazaretto by the great Jack White. I am a huge fan of Jack White. I believe he is a musical genius, a man of extra-ordinary talent, yet great humility. His sound is quintessentially his own; however, each time he releases new music it sounds unique and fresh. This song is full body, funky, with a hint of swag and style. The guitar riffs are awesome. It sounds nothing like his other music yet it sounds exactly like him. Listen to this song and think of a dark, rich, sexy glass of Shiraz coating the inside of your mouth… aaahhh now you’ve got it!

Get your own bottle of Langmeil Barossa Hangin Snakes 2011 Shiraz Viognier and let me know what song you would pair with it. Cheers!

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  1. We talk ourselves out of eating out so often simply because the wine is often better (and definitely cheaper than wine list prices) at our house! I adore chimichurri sauce . . . Mmmmmm!!!

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