An Inspiring Meal,Wine Pairing And Fiesta Friday #38

I hope you are all enjoying great food and wine with great friends. I am taking the weekend off to enjoy time with my family and daughter who is home from college for the first time since August. In the mean time since it is Friday and some of you may be Turkey-ed out by now I want to reshare with you a great recipe of Pork Ragu and Tiramisu  by A Pug in the Kitchen, paired with a fantastic Italian Ripasso by yours truly. It was such a treat to collaborate with the fabulous A Pug in the Kitchen. So move on from Turkey or whatever you have been eating because this is what’s for dinner tonight!


Pork Ragu With Pappardelle Pork Ragu With Pappardelle

I want to thank everyone who submitted recipes and so sorry it’s a day late. I wanted to cook/bake each one of them (I think I just might do just that).  I am inspired when I see the wonderfully delicious and creative recipes you all make and I want to do the same. Thank you. I fed everyone’s names into and the two recipes that were chosen are:

Pork Ragu with Pappardelle by Matt @ Inspired Food

 Tiramisu by Lindy @ Love in the kitchen

Tiramisu Tiramisu

I needed some comfort and the angels must have been at the helm of the random pick, Italian comfort food is just what I needed. Matt’s pork ragu is rich and meaty, and when eaten with pappardelle (I love those pasta ribbons) it’s like getting a hug from Nonna. Rather than make a salad I decided to make brocolli…

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