Wine Madness: And the Winner Is…

The Madness is over for this year and the winner is Duke University Blue Devils.  You know what that means wine lovers; the winning grape is: Ezerjo!

And in case you missed the last March Madness article, here is a bit of information on the Ezerjo grape:

Ezerjo grapeEzerjo: This white Hungarian grape variety is grown in the historic Mor region of Hungary. It is well known within Hungary but not well known outside Hungary. This grape has a strong acidity and high alcohol levels with a light bouquet. It is crafted into lively dry white wine, but more often cultivated into a late harvest sweet wine. This wine pairs best with rich and spicy Hungarian dishes.

I hope you will celebrate Duke’s victory, the greatness that is March Madness and spring with a lovely glass of your favorite Ezerjo; and please share it with me!

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