Touring Burgundy with Domaines Devillard

April was French wine month at Total Wine. As such Total Wine offered numerous French wine classes throughout the month featuring many different regions and wines. One of my friends had never attended a wine class or tasting; furthermore, she was not very familiar with French wines so she wanted to attend one of the glasses. As you recall I spent last summer focusing on French wines in an effort to learn more about the regions and the wines. As my friend and I compared our schedules we decided to attend the Burgundy class featuring a selection of wines from Domaines Devillar.

TW Burgundy Tasting

As Total Wine explained: The Devillard family has owned five estates in Burgundy since the 12th century: Château de Chamirey, Domaine des Perdrix, Domaine du Cellier aux Moines, Domaine de la Ferté and Domaine de la Garenne. Devillard is known for producing classic and excellent Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines (or “Bourgogne Pinot Noir” and “Bourgogne Chardonnay,” as they’re known at the source) from the best terroirs in Burgundy. Chateau de Chamirey’s 2011 Mercurey Rouge 1er Cru Les Ruelles received a 92-point rating from Wine Enthusiast. All of their vines are hand-harvested to avoid grape damage. Their philosophy: “Produce the best wines year after year with the purest expression of each terroir.The class had an added bonus, the presentation and tasting was led by Cedric Ducote of Domaine Devillard!

Domaine Garenne Macon Aze 2013: This golden white Burgundy met the nose with tropical fruit, citrus and crushed stone; on the palate it offered grapefruit, lemon/lime zest, lanolin, a touch of melon and minerality; it was fresh, clean and elegant with a touch of salinity; balanced with crisp acidity. SRP $19.99

TW Chateau de Chamirey 2011Chateau de Chamirey Mercurey Blanc 2011: This white Burgundy was golden yellow and met the nose with citrus, tropical fruit and a touch of eucalyptus; on the palate it delivered grape fruit, lemon curd and crushed stone; elegant and silky with round acidity; 2/3 French barrel aged, 1/3 stainless steel vats for 9 months, then mixed together for bottling; SRP $29.99.


TW Givry Le Renard 2011Le Renard Givry Pinot Noir 2011: This wine poured ruby with brown highlights into the glass and met the nose with red berries, spice and mineral notes; on the palate flavors of cherry, raspberry, and minerals; soft, elegant and light wine with soft, pleasing flavors and silky tannins; SRP $27.99.


TW Clos du Cellier Aux Moines 2011Clos du Cellier Aux Moines Givry 2011: This red Burgundy was ruby in color and met the nose with dark fruit and cinnamon on the nose; on the palate tart cherry, spice, black pepper and vanilla; warm, juicy Pinot Noir; more body and weight than Givry PN 2011great structure of round acidity and integrated tannins; SRP $34.99


TW Chateau de Chamirey 2014Chateau de Chamirey Mercurey Rouge 2012: This wine poured ruby red into the glass and met the nose with cherries and spice; on the palate it delivered tart cherries, spice and a touch of smoke; nice volume; balanced medium body Burgundy; SRP $29.99



TW Chateau de Chamirey 2011 Les RuellesChateau de Chamirey Mercurey Les Ruelles 2011: This wine was light ruby and met the nose with dark red and black fruit and spice; on the palate it delivered red cherry, black plum, hints of spice, black pepper, vanilla and a toasted wood finish; this wine was rich and weighty yet elegant and smooth; most tannic of Pinot Noirs so far; great aging potential; SRP $44.99.


Domaine des Perdrix 2011 BourgogneDomaines des Perdrix Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2011: This wine poured a bright ruby into the glass and opened with aromas of soft black fruit and spice; on the palate it delivered back cherries, blueberries, black currants, a touch of spice and toasted walnut; medium body, well-structured with concentrated fruit, round acidity and integrated tannins; SRP $34.99


Domaine des Perdrix 2012 Nuits Saint GeorgesDomaines des Perdrix Nuits St Georges 2012: This wine poured a deep ruby into the glass and opened with aromas of soft, elegant red fruit with a touch of spice and tobacco; on the palate it delivered black cherry, currants and raspberries with spice notes, wet tobacco leaves and a touch of milk chocolate and vanilla; round acidity with persistent yet integrated tannins; full body and lingering finish; SRP $59.99.

Domaine des Perdrix 2012 Vosne-RomaneeDomaines des Perdrix Vosne Romanee 2012: This wine poured a deep ruby into the glass and opened with aromas of bright red fruit and floral notes; on the palate it delivered cherries, plums, bold spice and a touch of cola; elegant, medium body, a touch more acidity with a dry, lingering finish; SRP $79.99.


Burgundy is largely known for two varietals: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. In fact, 95% of Burgundy contains only these two grapes.

Map via
Map via

Burgundy contains five appellations:

Chablis: set apart from the rest of the Burgundy region, all the grapes planted are Chardonnnay

Côte de Nuits: produces mostly Pinot Noir with some Chardonnay, home to 24 Grand Cru vineyards

Côte de Beaune: located in middle of Burgundy, vineyard mostly southeasterly, produces largely high quality Chardonnay with some Pinot Noir

Côte Chalonnaise: the majority of the wines we tasted came from this region, no Grand Cru vineyards but still high quality wines; great region to find wines of good value

Mâconnais: located furthest south in Burgundy region; high speed train from Paris drops off here in under 2 hours to begin your tour of Burgundy; most popular area is Pouilly-Fuissé know for producing high quality, mineral rich Chardonnays. Chardonnay from Pouilly-Fuissé are among my favorites.

TW Burgundy Tasting (2)

The wine class was very educational and furthered my knowledge and understanding of the Burgundy region and five appellations. It was particularly nice to learn directly from Cedric Ducote since his knowledge of the region and wines is extraordinary. If you have a Total Wine in your area I encourage you to check out their calendar and sign up for a wine class that is of interest to you. It is a casual atmosphere and a great way to learn.

My Song Selection: The song I have chosen to pair with the Burgundy wine tasting is Three Marlenas by The Wallflowers. Like the song, the wines were smooth, elegant yet upbeat and contemporary. Jacob Dylan’s voice is fantastic, mellow but with lots of style; just like Domaines Devillar’s wines.

Get your own bottles of Domaines Devillar Burgundian wines and let me know what song you would pair with them. Cheers!


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