“The Winds of War” Live-blogged, 3: Across Poland under fire! With wine.

Welcome to the next installment of “The Winds of War” live blogging from Sean Munger. Things are heating up in as Natalie and Byron are stuck in Poland. Read on to find out what happens and see what wine Sean pairs with this section of the book. Grab your book and glass and step in to the World War II era through the eyes of Herman Wouk.


windsofwar header 3

Welcome back to my “live-blog” of one of my favorite historical novels, Herman Wouk’s 1971 opus The Winds of War. This is part of my “Literary Summer” enterprise where I’m bringing you lots of stuff on great books for summer reading, and some wine suggestions to go with them. With the exception of the rather middling Auslese I selected for myself and reviewed in the last segment, all the wine suggestions come from Michelle Williams of the RockinRed Blog, one of the finest wine blogs you’ll see anywhere. Though as you’ll see tonight there’s a bit of a wrinkle, and a helpful exigency has tweaked tonight’s wine selection. So, if you’re ready to travel back in time to the World War II era, let’s get started.

In the last installment, I ended in August 1939 just as war was brewing over Poland and Natalie and Byron were…

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