“Mysterious Tales of the New England Coast”: A Civil War (and wine) adventure!

The mystery continues as Sean Munger takes us into another chapter of “Mysterious Tales of the New England Coast.” This week’s installment involves a Civil War adventure paired with an adventurous glass of Michael David’s Petite Petit; check it out…..


mysterious tales fort warren header

So many of my regular readers have been enjoying my live-blog of The Winds of War that perhaps they forgot that I’m also live-blogging another book this summer, Edward Rowe Snow’s 1962 nautical pop history Mysterious Tales of the New England Coast. In my first installment I introduced you to the strange petroglyphs of Dighton Rock in Massachusetts, and in the second piece we investigated the mysterious 1841 disappearance of the steamship SS President. Michelle Williams of the RockinRed Blog has been providing wine suggestions both for this series and Winds of War. Tonight we go on another excursion into the mysterious lands and waters of New England, and this one is just pure adventure–both in the pages of Snow’s book and in the wine glass I drained while reading it. I think this will be the most fun installment yet!

In Chapter 7 of Mysterious…

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