Join Us In Celebration of America & France on July #WinePW

Do you love American and French food and wine? Well July is here and it is a month of celebrations. The United States celebrates its Independence on July 4th and July 14th is Bastille Day, the French National Day commemorating the beginning of the French Revolution. For food and wine lovers July ushers in the opportunity to explore delicious pairings of French and American food and wines. This is exactly what we have in store for July 11th Food and Wine Pairing Weekend. There are several choices for the adventurous food and wine lover to explore:

  • An All-American food and wine pairing
  • An All-French food and wine pairing
  • Pairing French food with American wine
  • Pairing American food with French wine

July WinePW Independence Day

If you are particularly adventurous and would like to explore more than one option feel free to include as many American and French food and wine pairings as you wish!

July WinePW Bastille Day sign

To learn more about the Wine Pairing Weekend logistics please visit this information page by Cooking Chat, founder of Wine Pairing Weekend.

If you would like to participate in July’s American/French Food and Wine Pairing Weekend simply email me at  by mid-night Central Standard Time on Tuesday, July 7 with the name of your blog and the title of your article. I will publish a preview post on Thursday, July 9 and the fun will get underway Saturday, July 11 at 10am CST as we meet on Twitter to share our American/French Food and Wine Pairing fun using #WinePW! If you simply want to join the conversation please use #WinePWon Saturday, July 11 at 10am CST.

July WinePW wines

Grab your glass and your fork and start exploring! See you Saturday, July 11th for American/French food and wine pairing fun!


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