“Mysterious Tales of the New England Coast”: A mystery of the wine…er, mind!

Welcome back to the next installment of Sean Munger’s summer live-blogging reading and wine! This article takes us back to chapter 8 of “Mysterious Tales of the New England Coast.” This chapter is a twisting tale of the mind, and with that Sean introduces a fun new wine called Goats do Roam. You will love this installment, please read on……


mysterious tales mind header

Welcome back to my ongoing “live-blog” of the other book I’m reading as part of my “Literary Summer,” that being the pulse pounding and sorta-true adventure/popular 1962 history book Mysterious Tales of the New England Coast by Edward Rowe Snow. As with my Winds of War series, the latest portion of which just went up a few days ago, I’m incorporating wine suggestions by Michelle Williams of the RockinRed Blog. These have been some of the most fun and successful articles I’ve done on my blog recently, and there’s still a lot more adventure and mystery ahead. Both adventure and mystery surround tonight’s wine suggestion (and the eventual wine selection), but we’ll get to that all in good time.

Chapter 8, which returns us to the Civil War era, is titled “A Mystery of the Mind.” Snow begins by giving us the short life story of one…

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