“Mysterious Tales of the New England Coast”: A Maine (and wine) mystery!

Our “Literary Summer” of mystery continues as we dive into another chapter of “Mysterious Tales of the New England Coast” through Sean Munger’s live blogging (and wine sipping) perspective. Today’s chapter is a classic tale of “who done it,” except there is nothing classic about this story. In fact, it reads more like a game of Clue! But never fear the wine is here and it is good! So please grab a glass and enjoy….


mysterious tales murder

This series is still alive! Though my “Literary Summer” live-blog of The Winds of War has been getting more attention, I’m still working my way through Edward Rowe Snow’s colorful 1962 pop history book Mysterious Tales of the New England Coast, and with another bottle of wine at my side–suggested, as usual, by Michelle Williams of the RockinRed Blog–I thought I’d delve into another mysterious chapter. The last chapter I did from this book, about “A Mystery of the Mind,” was somewhat less than satisfying, though the wine was good. Previous chapters like mysterious “Dighton Rock” or the fate of the steamship President seemed a bit more substantial than the Civil War fish story Rowe served us up last time. Tonight’s chapter is titled “An Unsolved Maine Coast Mystery” and it involves a mysterious murder from the 19th century. So let’s get started!

Murder and…

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