Cornerstone Cellars 2014 Rosé Rocks

Do you limit your enjoyment of Rosé mainly to summertime? True summer is a perfect time to enjoy a glass of Rosé. The aromas and flavors of fresh picked strawberries and watermelon wrapped in a pink or salmon colored wine glass scream cool crisp refreshment on a hot summer day. However, modern Rosés are high in acidity and clean on the palate thus making them very versatile and extremely food friendly with a large variety of cuisines. Much like sparkling wines Rosés pair well with almost any foods. In a summer that seems to be over-run with Rosé recommendations, I alone have been blessed to receive a share with you a bounty of Rosé this summer, I want to share with you a Rosé that truly Rocks! This Rosé will not only expand your idea of Rosé but it is easily a wine to be enjoyed year round.

Cornerstone Cellars Rose Red Rocks 3

Cornerstone Cellars Red Rocks Rose2Cornerstone Cellars 2014 Rosé Rocks: This wine poured a penetrating fuchsia into the glass and opened with aromas of red fruit and savory herbs. On the palate this meaty Rosé offered flavors of sour cherry, pomegranate, ripe raspberries, with savory herbs of oregano and tarragon and white pepper. No watermelon or strawberries here! This was a much more full body Rosé that had round acidity with a weighty texture and long very dry finish. This wine was crafted from a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Syrah. It was designed with weight and boldness, “ideal for those nights that are too warm or just too relaxed for a big red.” 14.1% alcohol. SRP $15! Click here to purchase direct from Cornerstone Cellars.

Cornerstone Cellars Red Rocks Rose

The Cornerstone Cellars 2014 Rosé Rocks personified the versatility of Rosé. We enjoyed this wine over the course of two evenings, with wine delivering a solid performance on both nights. The first night we paired this Rosé with Amsterdam pork sausage with smoked Gouda, kale and dried cranberry salad, roasted diced sweet potatoes and curry roasted cauliflower and peas. It was a delicious meal that met the bold flavors of the Rosé head on.

Cornerstone Cellars Red Rocks Rose dinner2

The following night we enjoyed the Rosé Rocks with a meal I sourced from the July edition of Cooking Light Magazine, called Grilled Flank Steak with Cherry Pecan Rice. The recipe was one of their 30 minute weeknight meals. It was easy to prepare, healthy and full of flavor. I paired with a salad similar to CL suggestion but I am not a fan of beets so I omitted them and added chopped pecans with my typical homemade balsamic vinaigrette dressing. The meal was simply perfect for the Rosé. The rice contained balsamic soaked fresh pitted cherries that was an ideal accompaniment to the wine. Furthermore, the bold grilled flavors of the flank steak proved equally ideal. It was easy to see that Cornerstone Cellars 2014 Rosé Rocks would match well with a large variety of meals from all seasons of the year.

Cornerstone Cellars Red Rocks dinner

Craig Camp, Partner and Director of Winemaking at Cornerstone Cellars, shares his vision for 2014 Rosé Rocks:

A Muscular Rosé

Where is the line between red and rosé? As it all things wine, it’s all up to your palate. I’ve always loved wines that almost cross the line from rosé to red. So many rosé wines these days seem to do their best to avoid any personality at all and their only mission in life is to be pretty in pink. 

 One of my favorite recent wine discoveries is the Rouge Frais Impérial of Domaine Comte Abbatucci in Corsica, a light red that exudes the freshness of of rosé and enjoys the chill just just as much. Then there is the richly flavored Domaine de la Mordorée Tavel with a depth and complexity many a red only attain in their dreams. These are wines that are deeper in character than they are in hue. 

 For our first Rocks! Rosé we’ve made a wine inspired by wines like these, not the wimpy, barely pink wines that are flooding the market these days. The 2014 Rosé Rocks! by Cornerstone is a muscular rosé. Richly colored, flavored and dry-as-a-bone our Rosé Rocks! has the guts to take on real food. This vintage’s blend includes sangiovese, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir and syrah.

 A muscular rosé like the 2014 Rosé Rocks! by Cornerstone is the ultimate match for grilled steaks, chops and sausages on hot summer days and you’re unlikely to find a better companion for cheese and sausage pizza. If the meal seems to call for a red wine, but the weather report calls for something chilled our 2014 Rosé Rocks! by Cornerstone is the perfect choice!

I completely agree with Craig, the 2014 Rosé Rocks makes a great match for the bold foods of summer as well as being a perfect edition to your table throughout fall, winter and spring. This wine would pair beautifully with a beef tenderloin during the winter holidays as well as roasted lamb in the spring. I encourage you to visit Cornerstone Cellars web site to learn more about them, view their ever growing portfolio of wines and order the 2014 Rosé Rocks today. Next time you are in Napa Valley stop by their tasting room in downtown Yountville and say hello!

My Song Selection: I love it when I am expecting one thing and get something even better. That is what I experienced with Cornerstone Cellars 2014 Rosé Rocks wine. I was expecting another lovely summer berry and red fruit light and crisp Rosé. Instead I got a bold, meaty, weighty Rosé with a punch, that was bone dry and mouth filling. Please understand I would have been very happy having my expectations met because I love the light and crisp summer fruit Rosés; however, it is always good to be pleasantly surprised. This takes me to my song pairing. One of my favorite musical artists in the world is Chris Cornell. I am a huge Soundgarden fan and Audioslave fan. I have seen Chris Cornell three times and seeing him again on his acoustic tour this coming November. His voice is so good I could listen to him sing the phone book! Cornell has a quintessential grunge rock voice; therefore, when he takes a chance at singing something outside his genre I expect it to sound like his traditional rock style and for me that would be enough. But like the Cornerstone Cellars 2014 Rosé Rocks, with Chris Cornell sometimes the unexpected is spectacular! Enjoy…

Get your own bottle of Cornerstone Cellars 2014 Rosé Rocks and let me know what song you pair with it. Cheers!

10 responses to “Cornerstone Cellars 2014 Rosé Rocks”

    • Anything is possible. This one was quite unique in that it is bigger than most. It depends on your taste as to which style is preferred but I am not discriminating; I like them all! Cheers.

  1. Like your taste in musicians 😉 I was supposed to go to the Soundgarden/NIN show last year but unfortunately, that was the day of the Napa earthquake and we had a bit of cleaning up to do. He”ll be in NorCal this fall and I was contemplating going to see his show, but I wasn’t sure what to make of the acoustic tour.

    • I think the acoustic tour is amazing. This is not his first time to do the acoustic tour. If I may suggest head over to YouTube and watch some of his many acoustic videos… could you not go! That earthquake was simply awful! I hope you are all fully recovered from such a tragedy. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. Cheers.

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