“The Winds of War” Live-blogged, 7: Hitler bombed my wine cellar!

Welcome back to the next installment of Sean Munger’s Live Blogging Herman Wouk’s The Winds of War. This is an emotional installment, filled with booze, bombs and lots of sexual energy. In this section Wouk takes us into the devastation of the bombings of London in a such a way you can almost feel it. According to Sean, “Atmospherically, the London Blitz scenes are among the very best in The Winds of War. You can almost experience the crackle of fear and excitement in the streets, see the flames of the burning buildings, and feel the real fear and uncertainty that Britons had that they might be invaded and conquered.” From Winds of War to Wines of War…if you are a Chardonnay lover or hater keep reading because we have 2 delicious Chards for you! Enjoy!

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