Please read my Snooth Article: “Is Wine Sexy in America?”

As I prepare to depart for my Italian vacation Snooth gave me a great parting gift! Today they published my first full length article. I wrote this article for them a few months back and I must say I am so excited it is published today! A great send off indeed.

Morlant Reims Champagne 1920


Please take a moment to read it (link below), comment on the Snooth site first, comment on my blog second, and share, share, share!

Is Wine Sexy in America?

Virginia Dare 1946


If I don’t reply to your thoughts right away please keep in mind I am heading to Italy for 10 days. I will reply as I am able but will definitely reply to all comments on Snooth and Rockin Red Blog upon my return. Thanks again for all your support. If you don’t already, please subscribe to Snooth for all the latest in wine news, virtual tastings, wine purchases and overall great content! Cheers!

Bertolli 1930 Chianti Postercorner

5 responses to “Please read my Snooth Article: “Is Wine Sexy in America?””

  1. That is really interesting, the comparison of how they market wine in Europe and the US. I have a few vintage posters from European companies- an olive oil one, a vermouth one, and a few others and they definitely use “sex” to market their product.

  2. Fantastic article Michelle, sorry for the delay in reading this. I think your observations are really interesting and seeing the sexy vintage ads from Europe in comparision to the American ads. I think wine advertisements are geared towards a more mature refined crowd, well travelled and more sedate. At least thats kind of how I see it. Really love those vintage posters.

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