On the Road Again: Back to Italy

In February I enjoyed a wonderful week in Montpellier attending ViniSud 2016 followed by a few days in Paris with my daughter. At the beginning of this month I enjoyed another fantastic week in France, this time in Bordeaux attending En Primeurs as a guest of Millesima for being a finalist in their Blogger Awards. And now I am hitting the road again!

That’s right I am heading back to Italy for a whirl wind two week road trip across the country to visit five wineries that are now offering their wines in the Texas market through Redoux Wine and Pavone Imports. It is going to be awesome! Here is a preview of where I will be:

We land in Rome on Sunday, April 24. We will spend the day and evening in the city before we head out bright and early Monday morning to Puglia.

Cantina Ariano: specializes in ancient indigenous grape varieties crafted in modern styles, no malo, no oak; just terroir

cantina ariano winery2

cantina ariano vineyards

After a few days in Puglia we head north to Fruili Venezia-Giulia to visit Fossa Mala.

Fossa Malla estate2

Fossa malla estate

Fossa Malla wines

As our journey continues we stop in wine heaven: Montalcino, Tuscany to visit Tenuta di Collosorbo.

Collosorbo winery

collosorbo vineyards

We will then continue north into another great wine region: Piemonte to visit Boeri.

Boeri vineyards

Boeri cellar

Boeri vineyards3

We will take a short break from our wine travel to enjoy a couple of days in Florence.




Then we take a quick flight to Sardegna to visit Cantina di Mogoro, the home of one of my favorite new grapes – Monica.

Cantina di Mogoro winery

cantina di mogoro vineyards

It is going to be awesome to drive the beautiful country of Italy! Please stay tuned to my Instagram account (Michelle Williams, RockinRedBlog) for photos of my journey. While I am gone I will be publishing new articles. I hope you will enjoy them. Please share them as you are able. I will return home late on Saturday, May 7th. Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there. See you all soon. Cheers!


20 responses to “On the Road Again: Back to Italy”

  1. You are a lucky woman. Puglia one of my favourite regions. Alborabello, Lecce (the Florence of the south), and Matera (not officially in Puglia but eerie). Real farm-style food too.
    Have fun.

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