Vouvray during WW2: A Wine Worth Fighting For

This week I am exploring a new “series” on Rockin Red Blog. I am going to feature a fellow blogger’s article each day to offer you some variety.

Kicking off my reblog week is a fascinating article by Jill Barth. As you know I love history. When time permits and it is appropriate I try to share the history of a wine or region with you in articles. While in Italy a couple of weeks ago I heard first hand how WWII deeply impacted two wineries. In this article Jill shares another impact of WWII on the wine community, this time in the Loire Valley. But it does not end there; Jill also features a lovely wine and food pairing.
Happy Monday! Enjoy!


The wines of Vouvray, in France’s Loire Valley, represent the ancient treasure that is French wine, a wine worth fighting for during WW2.

Credit: Chateau Moncontour Credit: Chateau Moncontour

Hidden Bottles, Wine Parties in Prison and a Historical Winemaker: Gaston Huet

At the mention of Vouvray, I’m reminded of a gentleman that passed way about 15 years ago. That he lived into his 90’s could be considered a miracle, a rich stoke of good fortune for the wine community. Gaston Huet was a winemaker in Vouvary, in France’s beautiful Loire Valley. Huet was called to active duty; early in the war he was  captured by the enemy in Calais. He was separated from his family and vineyards for five years while in a German prisoner of war camp. By the time he returned to his vines in Vouvray, he was a changed man: 100 pounds lighter and in tears over his reunion with his little girl and…

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