For the Love and Joy of #Wine

Wine is communal. It dates back to the beginning of time. It was used in celebrations and everyday living by the Egyptians, Jews, and even further back. The first miracle performed by Jesus was turning water into wine at a wedding. Wine is delicious when enjoyed alone, yet it lacks something. If you have a great bottle of wine you want to share it with someone. It’s about community, bringing together friends and family or perhaps starting a new friendship. There is no doubt wine brings people joy. I think a great bottle of wine with a perfectly matched meal is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But is wine love? Well Muscardini Cellars believes wine is both love and joy! They may be on to something!

“Bottled with love, for the joy of living.” ~Muscardini Cellars

On the front label of every bottle Muscardini makes this bold statement. It adds both a level of excitement and expectations. Anything made with love tastes better! I think the secret ingredient of love may actually change the chemical make-up of the product. Remember Seinfeld’s Soup Nazis? How could his soup have been so good; he hated everyone! But soup made by grandma; amazing!! So by telling me this wine is made with love and it will bring me joy….WOW!


Muscardini Cellars sort of began in1892, when Emilio Alchera immigrated to the US from the Asti region of Piemonte, Italy. After landing in Ellis Island, Emilio headed to San Francisco to meet his two brothers. There he worked as a digger on the Caldecott Tunnel project until he saved enough money to purchase a corner grocery store where he sold (and made for his family) bulk red wine. This business later became the “St. Helena Napa Valley Wine Company.”

Muscardini vineyards

Fast forward to the turn of the 21st century. Michael Muscadini (Emilio’s grandson) felt after 27 years of owning a successful construction company the time was right to pick up where his grandfather left off. With the help of family and friends, and the blessing of Monsignor O’Hara from St. Leo’s Church, Michael planted their first Sangiovese vines in 2000. With the help of his son, Gian Carlo, Michael built their new family home in “Monte Terre” and got about the business of learning to make wine. Though Michael was not sure the world needed another winery, he did believe the world needed to taste his wine! 2005 was their first crush; today Muscardini is an award-winning boutique, family run winery in Sonoma Valley bottling wines with love, for the joy of living.

Muscardini tasting room

Muscardini’s philosophy:

To create an avenue for our artistic expression that one can drink and enjoy, and to promote artisan handcrafted winemaking. 

From our family to your family.

Through Muscardini Cellars, the Muscardini family shares their zest for life and profound appreciation for the fruit of the vine with the Muscardini Cellars artisan wines. The mission of Muscardini Cellars is to culminate the knowledge, tradition and respect of more than a century of family experience in the industry with wines that artfully capture flavor and spirit.

Michael Muscardini


Muscardini wines

Muscardini Pinot GrigioMuscardini Pinot Grigio Ansa Di Loval Napa Valley 2014: This wine was crafted of 100% Ansa Di Loval Pinot Grigio from grapes hand tended by grower Keith Kunde the “Dirt Farmer” in the Loval Loop in Napa Valley; very light almost iridescent gold in the glass; aromas of bright citrus zest, Korean melon, white nectarines, soft white floral and grassy notes; soft on the palate with layers of flavors reminiscent of the aromas with an added note of marzipan, creamy texture yet zesty on the palate with bright acidity and a lingering, tart finish; one of the more flavorful Pinot Grigios I have had; very nice wine to pair with seafood, shellfish, poultry, cheeses, and summer salads; 555 cases produced; 13.2% alcohol; enjoy upon purchase; SRP $24 from Muscardini.

Muscardini TresorMuscardini Tesoro North Coast Red Wine 2011: This wine was crafted as Muscardini’s Super Tuscan; it was crafted of 52% Sangiovese from the Brunello clone from Pope Valley in Napa, 24% Syrah organically grown in Deerfield, and 24% Cassata Cabernet Sauvignon from Sonoma; deep scarlet in the glass; rich brooding layers of aromas including black cherries, blackberries, boysenberries, cranberries, and black raspberries, along with earthy aromas of licorice, dark chocolate, espresso, wet tobacco leaves, Garam Masala spices, and a hint of vanilla; smooth and silky on the palate with layers of texture and complexity, mouth-coating acidity well-balanced with dusty tannins, medium body, long finish; this wine is 5 years old and has lots of life remaining; tresoro means treasure in Italian, this wine is a treasure indeed; perfect for bolognese sauce, braised beef short ribs, boar ragu and steak;560 cases produced; 15.2% alcohol; age worthy for 7 – 10 years; SRP $52 from Muscardini.

Muscardini Cabernet SauvignonMuscardini Cabernet Sauvignon Madrone Ridge Vineyard Sonoma Valley 2013: This wine was crafted from grapes that were hand tended by Bill Sanderson of Madrone Ridge Vineyards in the heart of Sonoma Valley; deep scarlet in the glass; inviting aromas of red and black fruit including red cherries, blackberries, black raspberries, boysenberries and red plums with eucalyptus, red licorice, chocolate, crushed tobacco, baking spices and vanilla; soft and elegant on the palate with the aromas follow through to the palate with loads of spice; zesty acidity that penetrates the palate, pronounced tannins that do not overwhelm, long, full body, long finish; well-balanced Cabernet; perfect for lamb chops, roast, and brisket; 424 cases produced; 14.7% alcohol; if you drink now decant; recommended aging ten years or more; SRP $54 from Muscardini.

Muscardini Cellars

Muscardini wines are also available at fine restaurants throughout California, a few select restaurants in New York and in wine stores in California. Furthermore, Muscardini has a great wine club AND a Primo Shipping Program that allows you to order wine all year with NO Shipping charges for only $100! Muscardini Cellars hosts fun wine events throughout the year and would love to host your private event! Visit the Muscardini Cellars web site to learn more about the winery, view their entire portfolio of wines, and order some for yourself today!

*I am thankful to #SonomaChat for inviting me to learn more about Muscardini and to Muscardini for sharing these three wines with me. To learn more about great Sonoma wineries join #SonomaChat on Twitter each Wednesday at 7pm CST.

My Song Selection: Each one of these wines rocked! I am so happy to be introduced to Muscardini Cellars. They are crafting classic grape varietals with layers of flavors and the perfect blend of fruit and rustic earthy notes. The rustic gets me every time!

Get your own bottles of Muscardini wines and let me know what song you pair with it. Cheers!


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