#Food & #Wine Pairing: Heating up with Cahors Malbec and Pork Chops

In Texas we are in the throes of summer. It is hot, mildly humid, and there is no relief in sight. I don’t like using my oven in the summer because it adds more heat to an already hot enough house. I take advantage of the grill as often as possible this time of year for two reasons: 1) I can keep the cooking heat outside, 2) I love summer grilling food and wine pairings. It may seem odd to some to drink a hearty red wine when it is literally 100 degrees F outside. For me it is all about the pairing, add an ever so slight chill to red wine and some grilled meat and I am ready to dine. So here is my latest food and wine pairing for you.

The Wine: Our wine is a Malbec from the home of Malbec, Cahors, France. That’s right! Malbec was not born in Argentina, it was born in France. Cahors is a region slightly east of Bordeaux. I find Malbec from Cahors do offer a different tasting experience than Malbecs from Argentina. I like them both but a certain someone (my husband) much prefer Cahors Malbecs.

Domaine du Theron Cahors Malbec

Domaine du Théron Cahors Cuvée Prestige 2011: This wine was crafted of 100% Malbec; dark, almost opaque, ruby in the glass; aroma of dark cherries, blackberries, and plums were met with black licorice, tobacco, dusty earth, spice notes, and a touch of damp underbrush; earthy and rustic on the palate with pronounced dustiness causing fruit to take a back seat yet still quite elegant, round acidity and well-integrated acidity, full body with a lingering finish; I really enjoyed the “old world” flair of this wine, and with an SRP of $18, this is a must edition to your weeknight meals.

The Food Pairing: As I said Malbecs from Cahors have a bit of a different profile than Malbecs from Argentina. They are more old world in style, still full body but less jammy, and oaky. They can be more elegant, though Argentina produces some elegant Malbecs as well. Argentinian Malbecs to me say rib eye, London broil, bbq, brisket, bison burgers, anything really hearty. Cahors Malbecs are more fillet, pork, hanger steak, tacos, etc.

Berkshire pork chop dinner

My Choice: With these ideas in mind I chose to pair the Domaine du Théron Cahors Cuvée Prestige 2011 with Mustard & Balsamic Marinated Pork Chops with Rosemary, lentil salad and grilled broccolini. For starters these were not any old pork chops; I chose Berkshire Prime Cut Bone-in Pork Chops from Central Market. Guaranteed to be juicy, tender and delicious. The recipe I used to marinade them called for oven roasted but as I said I chose to throw them on the grill. The lentil salad was actually French Lentil Salad with Goat Cheese and Walnuts, inspired by Jeff Burrow of Food Wine Click’s latest article “Left Bank and Lentils: French #Winophiles.” Jeff has great wine and food pairings, simple and elegant. I was inspired by this lentil recipe because I love lentils and a room temp side salad sounded healthy and delicious with the pork chops. And the broccolini is because we need a vegetable.

cahors malbec with pork chop dinner

Cahors malbec pork chop dinner

The Results: Delicious! The balsamic, grainy mustard and rosemary on the pork paired beautifully with the rustic, earthiness of the Cahors malbec, even picking up some of the garrigue. Additionally, the lentil salad was not only delicious but also married well with the earthiness of the wine. It was a really delicious dinner. My son said the pork chops were amazing. And for a Monday? Well, this was a “guest” dinner so my family was thrilled. My husband and I enjoyed a second glass of wine after dinner; it was equally lovely for relaxed summer sipping. A great meal; a great pairing.


Cahors vineyards

From the Vignobles Pelvillain web site:

The Cahors is one of the most colorful of our production wines, inseparable from the South-West cuisine. Proposed here by the family Pelvillain it comes from valleys of vineyards, the severe soil silty clay, and has all the qualities of maturity and aromatic expression that is expected of this name: it comes to us without so ! the branding Pelvillain Brothers merges with those of two wineries recognized in the production area of Cahors , those of Château de Cénac and Château du Port . the house Pelvillain Brothers strong dynamism and the spirit of company officers and supported by a legitimate ambition is undoubtedly the specialist home Cahors in the early twenty-first century.

Malbec in Domaine du Theron vineyards
Malbec in Domaine du Theron vineyards

My Song Selection: A perfect song for a seemlessly delicious Monday night meal!

Create your own Domaine du Théron Cahors Cuvée Prestige 2011 wine and food pairing and let me know what song you pair with it. Cheers!

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  1. Never would have considered a French Malbec but from the taste descriptors it’s one my hubby would definitely enjoy. We love red in summer too and not just Rose 😉 Pinot lightly chilled and paired w the grill!

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