Viaggio in Italy Press Trip

I am on the road again. This Friday I am heading back to Italy for a harvest winery tour of three outstanding wineries in completely different parts of the country. Furthermore, this is more than just a wine trip; its an Italian food and culture tour as well. We will tour a Sicilian olive oil facility, natural landmarks, markets, and cities. We will stick our toes in the water of the Mediterranean, stand in the shadows of the mountains of Veneto, and stick our toes in the Adriatic Sea. What a tour! Here is what is in store for me.


Donnafugata's Contessa Entellina estate
Donnafugata’s Contessa Entellina estate

We spend our first full day visiting two of Donnafugata Winery vineyard estates. We begin at the Contessa Entellina Estate for a winery tour, tasting and lunch. After lunch we transfer to Marsala Estate for a tour of this historic vineyard, a vertical tasting of the wines produced here, and a special dinner with Chef Nino Chirco at I Bucanieri Restaurant.

Monday we board a short flight to the Pantelleria Island where we will visit Donnafugata’s third estate winery for the day before returning to Marsala for dinner and sleep. On route to Marsala we will pass the saltpans at the Lagoon Stagnone.

Saltponds of Stagnone Lagoon Marsala Sicily via allenfotowild

Our final day in Sicily will be spend in Palermo City. We will visit the historic Capo market of Palermo. Following a tour of the market we will experience an the Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil production by Natalia Ravida, an extra virgin olive oil tasting, and lunch at Ravida. Upon conclusion of this wonderful tour, tasting, and lunch we will transfer to the airport and fly to Veneto where we will spend the next two days in the wonderful Prosecco region of Conegliano.

Sicily Palermo


Massottina Winery
Massottina Winery

We awaken in lovely Conegliano, known for art and wine. We will visit Masottina Winery to learn about the winery, taste their still wines and DOCG Proseccos, and learn about the history and terroir of Conegliano. We will also visit the School of Winemaking “G.B. Cerletti” of Conegliano. That evening we will dine at Ristorante Antica Pieve. Here is a peak at the scenery. WOW!

Ristoranti Antica Pieve Conegliano

Our second day in Conegliano we will take a guided tour of the historic town of Conegliano. We will have lunch at the restaurant inside the Castello of Conegliano. Isn’t that awesome! After lunch we transfer to the airport for our final destination…
Conegliano Veneto


tenute rubino winery puglia

We begin our final two days in Puglia with a tour of Brindisi City. Brindisi is located almost all the way the back of the heel of the boot of Italy on the Adriatic Sea. After our tour we will have a light lunch at Numero Primo, Tenute Rubino’s wine bar on the Brindisi waterfront. Following some lunch and relaxation we travel to Tenute Rubino winery for a cellar visit, tour, and wine tasting. We will conclude our day dining at Masseria il Frantoio in Ostuni.

Masseria il Frantoio ristorante in Puglia

Our final day in Puglia has us back at Tenute Rubino where we will visit the Jaddico vineyards for a tour and lunch. After some time to relax we will conclude our entire wonderful Italian harvest adventure at Tenute Rubino Wine Party at Marina Brindisi!

marina di brindisi puglia

It will be hard to see this wonderful trip come to an end but we all have to get back to reality sooner or later. Stay tuned for follow up in-depth articles from this wonderful Italian harvest press trip.

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  1. I just got back from Sicily and Sardegna. Didn’t want to leave. Sounds like an awesome trip! Enjoy!

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