#Food & #Wine Pairing: Late Summer Rosés and Burgers

Although our Texas summer has included less than 12 100° F days and more rain than I can ever remember it’s still been hot enough as far as I am concerned. One great way to beat the summer heat is cooking on the grill and sipping refreshing wine. Furthermore, as summer transitions into fall it’s important to keep the grill prepped and the wine chilled for football season. Here are three great Provençal rosés paired with three killer burgers to enjoy now and throughout fall.

The Wine: At the end of September I am thrilled to announce I will be spending a week in Provence on a media trip as a guest of Vins de Provence. In preparation for that upcoming trip the great people at Calhoun & Company Communications sent me three media samples of Provençal rosé.

Provencal Roses

La Caprice de Clémentine Rose 2015: This wine was crafted of 50% Grenache and 50% Cinsault from the Côtes du Provence appellation; aromas of tart cherries, raspberries, white nectarines and touch of lime zest fill the glass; the palate is crisp, refreshing, and lively with a creamy texture and a touch of saline resulting in an outstanding food wine. SRP $18.

Grande Récolte Rosé 2015: This wine was crafted of Cinsault and Grenache from the Côtes du Provence appellation; sweet aromas of soft white flowers, strawberries, watermelon, and peaches cascade through the nostrils; on the palate it’s smooth and elegant with a gentle tart expression; rich and textural with a soft yet balanced acidity. SRP $19.90

Moncigale AOP Coteaux D’Aix En Provence Rosé: This wine was crafted of Cinsault, Grenache, and Mourvèdre; fresh and delicate nose of strawberries, Korean melon, white floral notes, and a touch of lime zest and spice notes; a little racy on the palate with a pronounced tart white nectarine and lime zest, round acidity that penetrates with a long finish; the most expressive of the three. SRP $13.00

Wines of Provence Rose color chart
Vins de Provence rosé color chart

Each of these Provençal rosés were delicious; not as “candied” as American rosés tend to be (though I like those too); more delicate and subtle in their expression. You cannot go wrong with any of these three wines!

The Food Pairing: The press pack that came with the wines included suggesting these three rosés with some delicious burger toppings.  Since rosé pairs with just about anything and I absolutely love hamburgers I thought let’s give it a whirl!

Provencal inspired burgers

My Choice: As I said I was inspired by the Vins de Provence suggestions but had to tweak them a bit to make them my own. I made three different burgers with different toppings:

  • A Hatch chili burger patty topped with Colby jack cheese, Sriracha mayo, and a fried egg on a buttery brioche bun paired with La Caprice de Clémentine Rose 2015.
  • A Provençal inspired burger with melted brie, balsamic fig preserves, arugula and caramelized onions on a butter brioche bun paired with Grande Récolte Rosé 2015.
  • A roasted jalapeño and cheddar patty with barbeque sauce and spicy guacamole paired with Moncigale AOP Coteaux D’Aix En Provence Rosé.

Provencal wines and burger pairings

The Results: To be honest…amazing! I don’t usually make such decadent burgers. Now my family will be expecting me to step up my burger game. I really appreciated how each wine really paired beautifully with its “assigned” burger. For example the La Caprice de Clémentine Rose 2015 really tamed the spices in the Hatch chili burger while blending with the creaminess of the egg seamlessly. I think the Provençal burger was so damn good it would have gone with any of the three rosés; it was like eating dessert! Finally, the Moncigale AOP Coteaux D’Aix En Provence Rosé has a touch of spice so it really complimented rather than softened the spiciness of the roasted jalapeño and cheddar burger. You want to treat yourself, friends, or family to a special treat? Buy some Provençal rosé and make these awesome burgers or come up with some on your own. As football season begins these are great for football parties, think sliders! Many men will be surprised at how much they will love Provençal rosés with burgers!

Provencal wines and burgers

What is your favorite burger topping? What is your favorite Provençal rosé? Have you ever enjoyed a burger with Provençal rosés?

About Vins de Provence: Provençal rosés are like no other rosés in the world. Unique to the expression of their terroir they set the benchmark for rosé. Over the past few years drinking rosé has become a trend. As a result Provence has seen its exports grow over 40%, with the US being its number one export market. Rosés may be trendy today, but the wine has been in existence for over 26 centuries when the Greeks founded a colony in Marseilles and began crafting a light colored wine similar to rosé. Therefore, Provence is actually the oldest wine region in France! Provence has three major appellations, each with their own unique terroir, that each produce unique wines distinctive to their region and even sub-region. Therefore, Provençal rosé is not a one size fits all wine; rather, it is a variety of wines with 150 wineries represented in the US alone. Take some time to explore Provençal rosés to discover these great wines for yourself, with a burger or just about any food you can imagine.

My Song Selection: I absolutely love French cafe music. Apple Music has a great station that I enjoy listening to regularly. Though I do not know what is being said I love the feel; it’s so French. I definitely get the French feel sipping these elegant Provençal rosés while enjoying these decadent burgers. Il s’agit de la vie!

Get your own bottles of Provençal rosés and let me know what song you pair with them. Cheers!

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  1. Wow you sure went all out on those burger toppings, lol! They all look quite tasty. I’m so jealous of your wine travels, but you deserve these trips as you promote these vineyards and wines heavily. 🙂

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