6 Delicious Chili Recipes Paired with Wine for National Chili Month

Did you know October is National Chili Month? What better way to welcome cool fall nights than with a big bowl of hot chili! As a Texan I am partial to beef chili, sans beans; however, there are many different delicious forms of chili expressions. Chili pairs very well with wine; the type of wine depends on the chili.

Please take a moment to read my latest mouth-watering contribution to WhichWinery.Com. It contains six unique and delicious chili recipes to meet your every chili mood and desire, as well as the perfect wines to match.

photo via http://www.romancingtheonion.com

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Please share with me your chili and wine pairings either by commenting on this article or by tagging me in photos on either Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. I would love to know how you are celebrating National Chili Month!

3 responses to “6 Delicious Chili Recipes Paired with Wine for National Chili Month”

  1. My favorite pairing with chili is low-tannin red wine with a little residual sugar (which I pretty much don’t drink unless it’s with a spicy beef dish). The red fruits pair well with the beef, and the spice in the chili offsets the sugar so that the wine becomes seemingly drier. In addition, the wines I choose for this pairing are usually less than 15 bucks, making them an easy choice for a weeknight chili dinner.

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