Make Your Holidays Sparkle Italian Style

If there is ever a time of year to enjoy the bubbly it is now! Furthermore, the Italians know how to embrace life and celebrate in style. They live so well there is a lifestyle movement known as “The Italian Art of Living.” Nothing exemplifies this art of living more than Italian sparkling wine. With so many styles of Italian sparkling wine to choose from, it’s time to pop a cork and start celebrating the holidays.


Sparkling wine sales rise in the US this time of year; however, in Italy, according to the Franciacorta Consorzio, 63 out of every 100 bottles of Franciacorta sparkling wine is sold January to October.[1] Recently Prosecco moved in front of Champagne in global annual sparkling wine sales. However, according to a 2015 Nielsen report, in the US Champagne sales still outpaces Prosecco, though the lead is decreasing.[2] That same report stated Prosecco sales rose 36% in the US, while Champagne sales rose 8%.[3] Prosecco is a great way to make your holidays sparkle, but it’s not the only way Italian can add bubbles to your life.

Here are some fabulous Italian sparkling wines to help you embrace “The Italian Art of Living” and make your holidays shine:

2013 Rotari Brut Trento DOC ($15): 100% Chardonnay, crafted using Methode Champenoise; straw yellow with persistent perlage; orchard and citrus notes of yellow apples, pears, pineapple and lemon, with a touch of marzipan and fresh baked bread; fresh, crisp, smooth, with round acidity and persistent bubbles.

2013 Rotari Brut Rosé Trento DOC ($15): Pinot Noir, Chardonnay blend, crafted using Methode Champenoise; delicate pale pink with persistent perlage; soft red fruit notes of strawberries and raspberries, along with creamy peaches and a hint of tart grapefruit, perhaps all crafted into a preserve and served on a slice of warm, fresh bread; fresh, crisp, bright, round acidity and persistent bubbles.

2009 Ferrari Perle Trento DOC ($35): 100% Chardonnay, crafted using Methode Champenoise; straw yellow with persistent, mousse-like perlage; orchard fruit, citrus, lemon custard, marzipan, crème brulee, and toasted brioche dazzle the senses; elegant, light, and refreshing, seductively sophisticated, with a long, acidic and bubbly finish.

NV Ferrari Brut Rosé Trento DOC ($35):  60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay; crafted in Methode Champenoise; delicate salmon with tiny, persistent perlage; cascade aromas include wild strawberries, rhubarb, red currants, dried rose petal, candied violets, and orange zest; mouse like texture that provides a slight creamy quality.

Denny Bini Lambrusco dell’Emilia IGP ($16): 30% Lambrusco Marani, 30% Lambrusco Salamino, 20% Lambrusco Maestri, 10% Lambrusco Grasparossa, 10% Ancellotta; dark maroon with rustic notes of black cherries, blackberries, and black raspberries wrapped in an old world Italian earthiness; lively on the palate with penetrating acidity and dusty tannins; fun and effervescent; grab a slice of pepperoni pizza and enjoy.

2014 Maeli Colli Euganei Fior D’Arancio DOCG ($13): 100% Fior D’Arancio (Yellow Muscat); golden yellow with billowing aromas of fresh cut spring flowers, stone fruit, citrus, lemongrass, and a firm minerality; the sweetness is even and enjoyable rather than heavy handed, balanced with round acidity make this a lovely sparkling wine to kick off the evening.

2008 Antica Fratta ‘Essence Nature’ Franciacorta DOCG ($21): 90% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot Noir, crafted using Methode Champenoise; vibrant straw yellow with creamy perlage; soft orchard fruit with a delicate blend of fresh strawberries and white peaches are joined with marzipan, savory herbal notes, and a slice of toast; fresh and elegant on the palate with creamy perlage, delicate acidity, and a long finish.

2012 La Valle Rosé Brut Franciacorta DOCG ($39): 55% Chardonnay, 45% Pinot Nero crafted in Methode Champenoise; soft salmon with pink hues with aromas of fresh picked strawberries and red raspberries along with orchard fruit, a touch of citrus, and stone fruit; a refined and elegant wine with delicate perlage, round acidity, bright and refreshing, crisp and vibrant finish.

NV Masottina Prosecco Treviso Brut DOC ($15): 100% Glera, pale yellow with greenish hues; crisp apples and pears are joined with citrus notes of grapefruit, lemons, and orange zest, soft notes of eucalyptus and marzipan finish the extraordinary aromas and flavors; crisp and refreshing with lively perlage that are silky on the palate, round acidity adds depth and creates a long finish.

NV Masottina Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene Superiore Extra Dry DOCG ($20): 100% Glera; soft golden yellow with very fine, mousse-like perlage; inviting aromatic notes of apricots, melon, citrus, and dazzling fresh cut spring flowers; juicy on the palate with a kiss of sweetness that coats the palate in a warm embrace, balanced acidity with glycerius softness; lively, with a long finish.

Italy has so many great sparkling wines; pick up a few and make your holiday sparkle!

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[3] Ibid.

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