A Very Special Vietti #Wine Dinner

Vietti is a family winery located in Piemonte, Italy with roots tracing back to the 19th century. Vietti has long had a reputation for producing high quality wines. Jimmy’s Food Store has a rich history of being an authentic Italian grocer in Dallas since 1966. When I received an email invitation to attend a Vietti wine dinner at Jimmy’s my immediate response was YES.

The Vietti family are trail blazers in the Italian wine industry. Mario Vietti began the winery in 1919, producing high quality wines to be sold in Italy. In 1952, Alfredo Currado (Luciana Vietti’s husband) grew the winery to become one of the top producers in Piemonte, as well as one of the first to export wines to the US. He was also one of the first to vinify and produce “single vineyard” wines in Piemonte. Finally, Alfredo is known as the “father of Arneis” because in 1967, he was committed to learning about the native grape and saving it from extinction. Today the family tradition continues, Alfredo’s son-in-law handles marketing and sales, while Luca Currado is the oenologist, working in the vineyards and making the wine, and Luca’s wife Elena works in marketing and public relations.

Luca Currado
Luca Currado

This past January Luca Currado came to the US to tour and promote Vietti wines (not that they need much promotion). It is always a treat to listen to a winemaker speak of his wines, especially if the winemaker is Italian. It is even better if the opportunity includes tasting 7 wines paired with a delectable meal.

My hubby and I with Lucca.
My hubby and I with Lucca.

One of the hallmarks of Vietti’s reputation is high quality wines at affordable prices in an unpretentious manner. Luca Currado embodies this through and through. He is charming and easy going, speaks of his world class wines with humility, and of course tells his stories with wit and a touch of mischievousness. Luca is a terroir driven winemaker, wanting the wine to speak to share its place in the world without intervention. Luca upholds his family’s long tradition in Piemonte while evolving to keep the wines modern, yet classic at the same time. In the land of Barolo, Vietti ranks at the top.


The wines were paired with a delicious meal prepared by Joanne Bondy, owner of Stocks and Bondy, in the Dallas Farmers Market. The meal was light and healthy yet elegant and paired seamlessly with the wines. Here are my brief wine notes and pictures of the meal.

vietti-roero-arneis2015 Vietti Roero Arneis DOCG Piedmont Italy ($21.99): clear medium lemon; clean medium+ aromas of white flowers, bright lemon, lime, and grapefruit; medium acidity, long finish, slight effervescence, crisp and delicious; I have been enjoying this wine for years.


The Arneis paired well with this Italian sausage soup.


viette-barbera-dasti2014 Vietti Tre Vigne Barbera d’Asti Piedmont Italy ($15.99): clear deep ruby; clean medium aromas of black and red fruit, dusty earth, pepper, spice, charred oak, dried floral notes; medium acid, tannins, body and finish; a light yet lively Barbera.


viette-barbera-dasti-la-crena2011 Vietti La Crena Barbera d’Asti Superiore Nizza DOCG Italy ($48.99): clear deep ruby with scarlet hues, clean medium aromas of black fruit, dried rose petals, pepper, spice, damp tobacco, dried herbs; medium- acidity, medium tannins, body and finish; a little bit more depth but still a light and lovely Barbera

The two Barberas were paired with pappardelle with mushroom ragout and green peas black truffle pecorino.
The two Barberas were paired with pappardelle with mushroom ragout and green peas black truffle pecorino.

2013 Vietti Perbacco Nebbiolo Langhe Piedmont Italy ($23.99): clear medium scarlet; clean medium aromas of dried red fruit, tobacco, spice, medicinal, savory herbal notes, medium acidity, tannins, body and finish; well-structured wine that was elegant

vietti-barolo-20122012 Vietti Castiglione Barolo DOCG Italy ($49.99): clear medium garnet, clean medium aromas of red fruit, balsamic, medicinal, dried roses, sweet spice, tobacco; pronounced acidity and tannins, full body, long finish; rich and round on the palate, lush and sophisticated, delicious.


vietti-barolo-20112011 Vitti Ravera Barolo DOCG Italy ($149.99): clear medium garnet, clean medium aromas of red fruit, dried herbs, forest floor, medicinal, band-aid, dried roses, spice, toasted walnuts, underbrush; medium acid and tannins, smooth yet rustic and earthy, complex layered full body wine with a long, dazzling finish.


The two Barolos were paired with Herbed lamb chops, cauliflower mashed potatoes, broccoli rabe, and mostarda.

vietti-moscato2015 Vietti Cascinetta Moscato d’Asti DOCG Italy ($15.99): clear pale gold; clean medium+ aromas of fresh citrus, white floral notes, medium acidity, long pleasant finish, I would have liked  more acid in this wine but it was a beautiful Moscato that was bright, fresh, clean, and pleasing.


Moscato paired with apple cake with apricot mascarpone, candied walnuts, and vanilla bean cream – YES!

As you can see it was a wonderful evening filled with great people, food, and wine. I encourage you to seek out these delightful Vietti wines. The labels are beautiful, the wines are hard to miss. Vietti is widely distributed throughout the US so check your favorite local wine retailer or online wine store.

We came home with a couple of wines signed by Lucca!
We came home with a couple of wines signed by Lucca!

My Song Selection: Good wine is like good jazz; smooth, well-structured, but a bit improvised for a unique tasting experience. That is Lucca and Vietti wines.

Get your own bottle of Vietti wine and let me know what song you pair with them. Cheers!

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  1. I was able to taste this line-up in Houston at a Sommelier Association meeting. The wines were fantastic and I enjoyed Luca’s knowledge and sense of humor. I am sure these wines were even more wonderful with food. Enjoyed your article.

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