Snooth Article: There’s Another Side to Sangiovese Wines

In February I had the honor of attending Vini ad Arte 2017 to preview the new Romagna Sangiovese vintages, a region often overlooked by the looming shadow of Tuscany. However, for food friendly wines with wallet friendly prices, Romagna Sangiovese are wines not to be missed.

To learn more about Romagna Sangiovese, the people, culture, food, and wine, please take a moment to read my latest Snooth article by clicking on the title below.

There’s Another Side to Sangiovese Wines 

You will find a story about people who’s passion is making high quality wines to pair with the some of the best cuisine of Italy. Yes, most of your Italian favorite foods come from Emilia-Romagna. So of course the wines must live up to the food. And if you are white wine lover you are also in luck because the Romagna white wines are crisp, refreshing, and delicious.

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