Rueda & Ribera: The Adventure Continues

I am still in the wonderful wine regions of Rueda and Ribera on behalf of Snooth. Actually, as I am typing this we have left Rueda and traveled to Ribera del Duero. It has been an incredible journey. I am sitting at a desk in my hotel room of in a former monastery before dinner feeling so blessed. Please take a moment to share some of this glorious experience with me…

Day three began with a wonderful wine tasting followed by a dressage performance.

Animal day continued with a horses and donkeys plowing the vineyard while falcons help keep the varmints under control. Both are used in an effort to care for the vines in a biodynamic manner.

I took advantage of a break in our afternoon to pop into Valladolid to take in the town and two of its most iconic churches.

We toured wine cellars that dates back to the Medieval period.

We have visited beautiful wine cellars…

Of course we have also tasted great wines!

And seen a few spectacular castles.



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