Snooth Article: Vintage Update Bordeaux 2015

Bordeaux has not had a stellar vintage since 2010. That’s a long drought for one of the world’s finest wine regions. In the coming months the 2015 vintage will be hitting the shelves. What do you need to know about the next Bordeaux vintage?

The 2015 Bordeaux vintage has been receiving hype for the wine quality and concern for a possible price increase for over a year. I had the pleasure of tasting the 2015 vintage at En Primeur in the spring of 2016, and again this past spring, both times as a guest of Millesima. Please take a moment to read my latest Snooth contribution by clicking the title below to learn my perception of the 2015 Bordeaux vintage as it is preparing to hit the shelves and share your thoughts with me.

Vintage Update: Bordeaux 2015 

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4 responses to “Snooth Article: Vintage Update Bordeaux 2015”

  1. Michelle, great article and thanks for guiding my nose as I will be in France shortly, and so will particularly look to experience the Bordeaux 2015 vintage wines. I am sure looking forward to the trip and experience

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