Photo Essay: Shenzhen

Have you ever been to China? Today’s guest writer is a young lady who spent most of her summer there. This young lady is an accomplished musician and a senior at the University of Texas studying economics. She is also the Team Leader for Incoming Global Talent for the Austin chapter of AIESEC. After graduation this young lady is considering pursuing a law degree. In an effort to feed her desire to experience the world and to determine if she would enjoy a law firm environment, she spent ten weeks working as an intern through UT at a law firm in Shenzhen, China. This young lady is my daughter, and today she is going to take us on a brief photo essay of her Shenzhen.

It constantly surprises me when I have to explain where Shenzhen, China is located. As the 13th largest city in the world (well ahead of NYC and London) and the 4th largest in China, Shenzhen is a huge economic hub with an incredibly diverse population of people.

From skyline views to picturesque scenes of the South Chinese coast, Shenzhen offers a diversity of experiences to compliment the diversity of people. Below are just a few pictures to sum up my 10 weeks in Shenzhen. Click on each photo to see caption details.

8 responses to “Photo Essay: Shenzhen”

  1. I’ve enjoyed the special content on Rockin Red this week. Your daughter must be a blessing – and talented too. How proud you must be as she makes her way into the wide world.

    I love how some of images project views of China that seem wholly traditional while others show a China that appears unexpected – a sense of globalization and beauty.

    Why, do you think does Shenzehen remain so “unknown” to Americans?

    Thank you, Michelle!

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