Why You Should Be Drinking Lodi Wines Now

It is no secret I love Lodi wine. I encourage every wine lover I know to drink Lodi wine. Lodi’s terroir allows for a wide variety of grapes to be cultivated there. The winemakers in Lodi really know how to craft the highest quality wines from those grapes. After growing this wide array of quality grapes and crafting them into delicious wines, Lodi sells them to consumers for incredible value prices. What’s not to love about Lodi wine?

Now, in addition to listening to me go on and on about how much I love Lodi wines, you can read why other influential wine writer also love Lodi. At the beginning of August I was blessed to participate in an article explaining my Lodi “Ah-Ha” wine moment. Please take a moment to click on the article title below to read why myself and wine writers love Lodi.

Influential Wine Writers Recall Their First “Ah-ha” Lodi Moments 

After reading please share with me your favorite Lodi wine “ah-ha” moment. If you have not had one get a bottle and it will come.

Thanks for reading and sharing on social media.

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