Prepping for #NationalZinfandelDay

The wine lovers calendar is filled with national or international days celebrating a specific grape or wine. I am not sure why these days exist, but in a world filled with so many wonderful wines I appreciate these days reminding me to enjoy a wide variety of wines. So with this in mind, I’d like to draw your attention to this coming Wednesday as National Zinfandel Day.

Last fall I wrote an article on The Daily Meal featuring 6 Zinfandels celebrating California.  Please take a moment to revisit it by clicking the title below.

Fall for Zinfandel: 6 California Zinfandels to Meet Your Fall Food Pairing Needs 

As you prepare to celebrate National Zinfandel Day please keep these and other high quality California Zinfandels in mind.  Share your selections with me by tagging me on your social media posts.  Cheers!

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