The Daily Meal Article: I’m Dreaming of an Italian Christmas

Christmas is only a week away. Have you decided what to make for the big meal? Is Christmas dinner round two of Thanksgiving or do you prefer to branch out and make a different meal? I prefer to vary up the meal, making something special, but different each year. This year I have decided to make an Italian Christmas dinner. After all, no one embraces good food and wine more than Italians. If you are inspired by Italian cuisine and wine then I have a treat for you!

Please take a moment to read my latest contribution to The Daily Meal for six Italian classic holiday meals and six delicious wines to pair with them.  Click the title below to go to the article.

I’m Dreaming of an Italian Christmas 

What are you going to make for your big Christmas dinner? Which of the Italian food and wine pairing sounds the best to you? Whatever you decide I hope you and your family have a joy-filled Christmas. Cheers.


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