Cancer Fundraiser Raffle – Buy a Chance at a Piedmont Treasure!

Happy New Year! I would like to share with you the opportunity to begin 2018 by helping someone in need, and be entered in a drawing to win ten stellar Piedmont wines. Please read the article by Jeff at Food Wine Click to learn the details of how you can help and the top notch wines included in the drawing. If you want to join the fight against cancer by helping a single mother in need please keep reading. Thank you.


Do good and win a chance at a case of amazing Piemontese wine at Do good and win a chance at a case of amazing Piemontese wine at

My blogging buddy and real-life friend, Valerie, has close friend who has recently been diagnosed with colon cancer. Val has started a fund to help with the overwhelming expenses for her friend going through cancer treatment. You might think, “pretty far removed from my life”, but you should read on! You see, Val and her husband Evan are wine guides in the Piedmont region of Italy. To encourage those of us who would like to help but might need a little push, they have sought donations from some top winemakers and business owners in the region for a little raffle.

(all images below are provided by Valerie at Girl’s Gotta Drink)

Want all the details?  Jump directly to Val’s blog, where you can find out more and make a donation. $25 buys you a raffle…

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