Snooth Article: Chile’s Terroir-Driven Wines are Shifting the Narrative

In my recent article for Snooth, I share my experience of traveling to Chile to meet with a group of winemakers who are shifting the conversation from Chilean brands to Chilean wine regions. They are seeking to produce wines of place – and succeeding.

Chile is one of the oldest and most productive wine regions in the New World, thanks to the missionaries who introduced viticulture there in the 16th century. But although Chile’s wines have stormed the global market, they haven’t always enjoyed a reputation for quality or complexity.

Today that story’s shifting, thanks to a loosely affiliated group of winemakers in the country’s northern reaches. Rodrigo Soto is one of them. Wine director at Veramonte, in the Casablanca Valley, Soto believes the key to shifting Chile’s reputation lies in emphasizing quality and site expression — a message that may be well-worn for the Old World but is all-new for Chile.

To learn more about these winemaker’s journey to produce wines of place please click on the link below and read the rest on Snooth.

Chile’s Terroir-Driven Wines Are Shifting the Narrative 

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