#Winophiles Explore Côtes de Bordeaux in May

Each month a group of French wine lovers, known as #Winophiles, gather to explore a French wine region through its wine, food, and culture. In May the Winophiles are highlighting Côtes de Bordeaux. This is a brief preview of the region and how to join in the fun.

Are you familiar with Côtes de Bordeaux? For starters it is a Bordeaux lovers best friend because it produces lovely wines at value prices. Created in 2007, the terroirs of Blaye, Cadillac, Castillon, Francs, and Sainte-Foy united under one umbrella- forming a distinguishable brand. Côtes de Bordeaux is located on the right bank of the Garonne and Dordogne Rivers – accounting for up to 10% of all Bordeaux wine production. These are well made wines crafted from small family wineries with the standards you expect from Bordeaux; however, they incorporate modernity – are approachable and ready to drink upon purchase.

Would you like to join the Winophiles in May in our exploration of Côtes de Bordeaux? Here are the details to join:

Send me an email to let me know you plan on participating. Include your blog url, Twitter handle, and any other social media detail. My email is rockinredblog@gmail.com

Send your article title to me by Monday, May 14, to be included in the preview post on Wednesday, May 16.  The preview article will include a list of all who are participating -with your titles and linking to your blogs.

Publish your post between 12:01am ET May 18 – 7:00am ET May 19. 

Include a link to the other #Winophiles participants in your post, and a description of what the event is about. I’ll provide each participant’s title and the html link  in the preview article. After all articles are “live” on Saturday morning update the code to the permanent links to everyone’s #Winophiles posts.

Clearly disclose if your article is sponsored or if the wines are other products featured were received as samples.

Get social! After the articles go live, please read, comment, and share each participant’s article.

Live #Winophiles Twitter Chat May 19, 11:00 ET: Participating #Winophiles and others interested in Côtes de Bordeaux will connect live in a Twitter chat. If you are unable to join with an article please join us in the Twitter chat. If you participate in writing an article but are unable to join the Twitter chat live please consider scheduling your tweets so you can still be part of the conversation.

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