Forbes Article: Look To The Douro For High Quality Bordeaux Style Wine

The Symington Family is known for crafting some of the world’s finest Port, but did you know they also produce a premium Bordeaux-style red wine in partnership with Bordeaux’s Bruno Prats? “This is an exciting moment for the wine world—when a grand old terroir is rediscovering itself through dry reds [that are] unlike any wines produced elsewhere,” shares Rupert Symington, CEO of Symington Family Estates. In my latest for Forbes, I explore the Douro with Rupert Symington from a different point of view—high quality dry red wine.

Thank you so much for taking a moment to click the title below and read about this fascinating project of producing dry red wines, that are affordable, in the Douro.

Look To The Douro For High Quality Bordeaux Style Wine

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4 responses to “Forbes Article: Look To The Douro For High Quality Bordeaux Style Wine”

    • Spain is amazing and so is Portugal. Wines improving all the time. This project in the Douro by two of the world’s leading wine families is outstanding, shining a light on a region traditionally known for Port.

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