Forbes Article: The Lucky Break That Launched A Wine Revolution

You know the old adage “turning lemons into lemonade,” reminding us to stay positive and look for the bright side of life. What if the the “lemons” were a stuck fermentation and the “lemonade” launched a pink wine revolution? This is what happened when winemaker Bob Trinchero “mistakenly” produced Sutter Home Wines first White Zinfandel.
Learn more in my latest article for ForbesLife.

The Lucky Break That Launched A Wine Revolution 

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6 responses to “Forbes Article: The Lucky Break That Launched A Wine Revolution”

  1. I talk about this story all the time. So many things, especially in science… occurred because of accidents. Pasteur’s “mistake” almost had him killed, but it all worked out in the end.

  2. Sutter Home is a fun visit, and to see where it started. I belonged to a Christmas exchange group with friends when I was in NorCal. One of the items that got passed around was a 1978 bottle of Sutter Home White Zin! I’ll have to ask them who has that piece of history now!

  3. I think this is an amazing story and the information that you discuss in the article it’s interesting and informative. I really admire. Thanks for sharing your personal information.

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