Invitation to Join French #Winophiles Exploration of Rasteau

Long known for its Vin Doux Naturel wines in red and white, Rasteau, in  southern Rhône Valley, was awarded Cru status for its dry red wines in 2010. The diverse soil gives the wines complexity and elegance. Lying within the Mistral corridor, Laurent Robert of Domaine Combre Juliere, describes the wines as “skeletons of the wind,” with lots of structure.

“Rasteau wines have broad shoulders,” explains Benoit Lavau of Maison Lavau, “You feel the warmth of the sun and clay soil in the wine, it is fresh, yet can age 10-15 years.” The wines offer inviting aromatics, complex on the palate, yet contain finesse. Rejane Pouzoulas of Domaine Wilfried explains, “Rasteau wines are bold, yet accessible, with a high acidity due to the clay soil.”

There is an influx of young winemakers here making modern style wines to elevate their accessibility. In a region long known in France, Lavau shares it wasn’t until the region gained Cru status that it started to become known outside of France. The young generation have fresh ideas for this region, leading to its rapidly expanding reputation for quality red wines.

The French #Winophiles are going to dive into Rasteau on Saturday, November 16, and you are welcome to join the fun. Here are the simple steps to add your blog to the conversation:

  1. Email  Liz Barrett at to let her know you are in. In your email include blog URL, Twitter handle, and title of article.
  2. Prepare a meal or four to pair with your wines. Share photos on your social media channels using the hashtags #Winophiles in preparation for the event.
  3. Send your title to Liz by Tuesday, November 12 to be included in the preview post.
  4. Publish your article between Friday, November 15 and 8am EDT on Saturday, November 16
  5. Include titles with html links to other #Winophiles participants articles in your article, as well as a description as to what this event is about.
  6. Clearly mark your post and social media shares as “sponsored” if you receive wine samples. You are welcome to join without “samples,” by simply purchasing Rasteau wines from your favorite local retailer.

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