Forbes Article: Antiquity Meets Modernity In Alentejo, Resulting In Outstanding Wine

How familiar are you with Portuguese wine? Located just over an hour outside Lisbon is Altentejo, “the bread basket of Portugal.” This region is home to two historical towns, both UNESCO World Heritage sites, incredible food, and fabulous wine.

Although the grapes may be unfamiliar by name, their taste reminisce of well-known wines.

“Fans of Bordeaux, Rioja, Australian Shiraz, many Italian reds, and American Zinfandel, will be thrilled with the red wines of Alentejo. Subsequently, lovers of crisp white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, Grillo, Bordeaux Blanc, Verdeho, and Gruner Veltliner, as well as those that love an aged white with roundness and complexity, will fall in love with the white wines.” Even better, the quality/price ratio of these wines is extraordinary.
Furthermore, Alentejo is home to one of the oldest wine making practices in the world. Alentejo may be the oldest new discovery to the US wine consumer. 

Get to know this incredible region and why you should be seeking out these wines from your local wine retailer in my latest Forbes article.

Antiquity Meets Modernity In Alentejo, Resulting In Outstanding Wine

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