My 1st Contribution to Planet of the Grapes: Funky Bubbles Democratize Sparkling Wine

Pét-nat, piquette, col fondo, and hybrids, a sparkling wine category I refer to as “funky  bubbles,” are rising in popularity with winemakers and consumers in the US. In my first article for Planet of the Grapes, I sought to explore why these wines, some dating back to the Romans, are experiencing this sudden surge.

Like you, I have spent the past couple of months sheltering in place – everything I had planned, cancelled. It has afforded me a welcome opportunity to research, interview, and write; however, I observed that most have understandably not been interested in non-pandemic related coverage. Therefore, I have held off on publishing any new content to any sites until this month.

Now, it is with excitement and honor I share my first contribution to a new publication – Planet of the Grapes, founded by Jason Wilson, perennial wine, food, and spirits writer for publications such as the NY Times and Washington Post, and author of sought after books, such as “Godforsaken Grapes” and “The Cider Revival.”  The opportunity to contribute along such notable writers and editors, for a sure-to-be-hit publication, is both humbling and awesome. Click title to read article.

Funky Bubbles Democratize Sparkling Wine

What do you think of the article? Do you have a favorite style of funky bubbles?

Thanks so much for reading. Please help support this new publication by sharing on your social channels. And, please continue to stay well and safe during this difficult time.

4 responses to “My 1st Contribution to Planet of the Grapes: Funky Bubbles Democratize Sparkling Wine”

  1. I’m very curious — what is your evidence for “pet-nats”/méthode ancestrale wines dating back to “Roman times”?

    • Hi Jason. Thank you for reading the article and for your question. Pet-nat does not date back to the Romans. It was created in the 16th century, a couple hundred years prior to the traditional method. Piquette, aka lora, dates back to ancient Rome. I appreciate your question.

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