Forbes Article: Innovation Leads The Way In The Dynamic Texas Wine Industry

“Wineries in Texas are experimenting and pushing the envelope to create some really wonderful, high-quality wines that you can’t get everywhere,” explains Nikhila Davis, co-proprietor and winemaker of Kalasi Cellars.

Innovative ideas, experimentation, and adaptability continue propelling the dynamic Texas wine industry. Learn more about rapidly expanding and evolving region in my latest Forbes article

Innovation Leads The Way In The Dynamic Texas Wine Industry

Have you tried Texas wines? Many of the top wineries do not distribute outside the state, but they all ship. Grab a few friends and split a case.

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2 responses to “Forbes Article: Innovation Leads The Way In The Dynamic Texas Wine Industry”

  1. Due to what i understand as restrictions and legislation / taxes, its interesting to see that lots of wineries dont have massive distribution and prefer to ship from online sales. Doest this increase with pandemia? Ecommerce is increasing year after year and can be the needed growth on international markets, even the USA market its huge. thanks for the post and notes.

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