The Buyer Latest: Building Vineyard Diversity to Combat Climate Change

I am thrilled to share with you my first article in the prestigious UK publication – The Buyer. This topic is so important and this article was a true labor of love for me. Please take a moment to read it and share your thoughts with me.

Troon Vineyards


“Of all the slow and fast factors that drive a vineyard ecosystem, climate feels like the hardest for a vine grower to grapple with. Soil can be amended, canopies can be managed, but the vast and chaotic shifts in weather events seem beyond human control.

Still, some viticulturists are experimenting with a mix of modern and ancient techniques to mitigate the effects of climate change. I spoke to growers in Australia, Spain, Austria, and Oregon to learn about their efforts. The short answer? It’s all about using complexity to solve a complex problem.”

Building Vineyard Diversity to Combat Climate Change

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