Forbes Article: Willamette Valley Wineries Take Action on Social Justice Issues

Lack of diversity and inclusion plague so many industries, including the wine industry. As Willamette Valley celebrates 50 years of successful wine making, the region is asking itself some difficult questions about diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion.

But rather than getting hung up on rhetoric, the community is acting. In my latest article for Forbes, learn how Willamette Valley is tackling social justice with the same pioneering spirit that built the region.

“Not long after the George Floyd incident and subsequent protests, we called a task force meeting. Many of us felt compelled to a call for action,” says Jessica Mozeica, president and winemaker of Et Felli Wines. “What became clear is that we can do better.”  

Photo credit: Studio Mega

Additionally, Seven likeminded Willamette Valley wineries have joined forces to make their dream of inclusivity and accessibility a tangible reality through a new initiative they dub the One Barrel Challenge (OBC).

Each participating winery donates one barrel of wine (300 bottles), to the effort, and the wines are available for purchase online and in the member wineries tasting rooms on May 1, 2021. One hundred percent of sales goes towards providing access and education to break down barriers of entry to the industry.

Click the title below to learn more.

Willamette Valley Wineries Take Action on Social Justice Issues

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