Latest in Wine Enthusiast: New Hope In Chile

During this time wrought with division and marginalization, it is my humble honor to share a story of taking chances, hope, and trust in unlikely partnerships between Chile’s Indigenous Buchaheuico and Lickan Antay communities and it’s wine industry. Together these partnerships are addressing centuries of dehumanization and abstract poverty through wine production.

While it would seem the Indigenous communities have the most to gain from the endeavors, truth is we all have much to learn from them.

“I think the most amazing aspect for me is the Lickan Antay’s relationship with wine,” says Sergio Jara, winemaker of Ayllu Winery. “They use wine for their rites and to say ‘thank you’ to the earth. Each time a Lickan Antay drinks wine, before their first sip, they pour wine to the soil twice: The first is a thank-you gift for Mother Earth, the second a thank-you gift for their ancestors.”

My latest article in November’s print edition of Wine Enthusiast Magazine is now available digitally. This article is highly personal for me. It connects my wine writing to my Master’s studies, as well as my passion for illuminating the disinherited, in this case Chilean Amerindian communities. Research and writing this piece was a true labor of love. It is a joy to share it with you.

Please read and share your thoughts with me.

New Hope In Chile

4 responses to “Latest in Wine Enthusiast: New Hope In Chile”

  1. A great read Michelle! As I read it, it wasn’t hard to imagine indigenous people having not only a “viticultural” relationship with the grapes, but also a spiritual one. A win-win for all involved!

  2. Terrific article Michelle. Had to read this article with a glass of Nk’Mip Syrah from North America’s first Indigenous Winery located in Osoyoos British Columbia

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