How About Napa’s Summer In Your Glass?

We recently hosted a dinner party with some of my new wine friends I met through social media. I met some of them in person last summer at TexSom and others through lunches or at my house. We are a fun group of wine lovers! One of our founding members, Terry of Texas Wineaux, named our group the #DallasWineauxs. Unfortunately all members of the #DallasWineaux were not able to attend, but we had a great night of truly outstanding wine, food, friendship and fun!


I did not take many pictures or record any notes from our night but I can share with you one picture of most of the wines our group enjoyed. I would like to call your attention to the stunning fantastic Alban Vineyard Lorraine 2005 Edna Valley Syrah, (the first RP 100 point wine I have ever had and it blew my mind), and the Chateau Pichon-Longueville 1996 Bordeaux (beautifully aged with elegant fruit and persistent earthiness). All the wines were outstanding but those two were a special treat. However, in the article I would like to highlight a show-stopper rosé that I served as an apéritifs.

Trefethen SIN Rose

As my guests were arriving and chatting away no one had yet poured any wine or eaten any appetizers. Therefore, I just started pouring each guest a glass of rosé and passed them out. They took the glass and kept on talking; swirling and sniffing while engrossed in conversation the aroma began to draw attention away from the conversation. Then it happened, one guest finally took a sip and all conversation stopped…this rosé is good, in fact this may be the best rosé I have ever had; can I see the bottle? I knew it! In the past year I have tasted and reviewed at least 10 rosés, each one was very good and I recommended each one; however, if you only buy one rosé all year this is the one to buy because it is probably the best!

Trefethen SIN Rose 2013

Trefethen SIN 2013Trefethen Family S.I.N ~ Summer In Napa ~ 2013 Rosé of Pinot Noir: The gorgeous wine was crafted from a specially selected block of 100% Pinot Noir. It met the eye in a dazzling coral with a touch of Jolly Rancher Watermelon highlights in the glass. (Check out the photo below, the wine is the same color as the petunias behind it). It offered a lively bouquet of red fruit and floral notes. On the palate this crisp, refreshing wine offered persistent fruit flavors of ripe red cherry, strawberry and watermelon with a touch of violets and even light herbal notes. It was more complex than most rosés and had lively acidity and with a clean, crisp finish.

Trefethen SIN Rose2

The grapes were grown in the Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley. As Trefethen explained, “The grapes are pressed and left with the juice for just twelve hours in order to enhance the bright vibrant pink hue. Fermented in stainless steel this wonderful dry rosé never saw barrel but went straight to bottle in early March to preserve its wonderful brightness. The wine is pleasing to the eye and scrumptious on the lips.” Furthermore, Trefethen recommends pairing this wine “on your front porch on a summer day,” which is an ideal pairing. It will also pair well with just about anything else including, bbq, hamburgers, steak, salad, crostinis topped with goat cheese, fig preserves and prosciutto, seafood, poultry, you name it.

There was a small amount (about half a glass) of the rosé left after the party so I stuck it in the refrigerator for the next night. I paired it with grilled Tri-tip steak topped with a salsa/chutney I made consisting of black beans, corn, , Nature Sweet Cherubs tomatoes (sample provided), chopped green onions and avocado, with roasted asparagus. The dinner was fresh and delicious and paired beautifully with the wine. A winning combination for spring and summer.

Trefethen SIN Rose steak dinner

I had this wine the first time at the Trefethen Family Vineyards a couple of years ago. It was handed to my husband and I as we arrived for their famous twilight tasting (which is awesome). Just like at my dinner party, we sort of ignored it until we smelled and tasted it then turned to each other at the same time and said this is really good rosé. Trefethen has not released the 2014 vintage of S.I.N. but when they do I am going to rush to pick up a few bottles. I suggest you do as well, but don’t delay because they only produce a few hundred bottles and it sells out fast; just don’t take mine! J

Trefethen logoThe Trefethen Family Vineyards began making wine in Napa Valley in the 1960’s. Loren Trefethen explains, “The land focuses our energies, as it always has, challenging us to understand its soils, the vines that grow in them, and the way fog drifts through the rows in the morning. It is an eternal learning process – each question answered reveals another be asked – but it’s a journey we love to take with each and every vintage. It also defines us and the wines we make, providing the vital essence of every bottle that bears our name. Decisions made in the vineyard and cellar not only guide the expression of the land, but affect the very soul of the wine. For this reason, we have always committed ourselves to estate production, adamant that we should be the ones growing the grapes and turning them into wine. Our passion requires it.”

One Family. One Estate. One Passion. This is who we are.

Trefethen Family Historical house
From the Trefethen web site

The earthquake that hit Napa Valley in late August 2014 directly hit the Trefethen Family historic building that housed their tasting room. (It is a beautiful building!) As a result they have had to temporary re-locate their tasting room while architects and engineers are planning on how to save the beloved building. Give them a call or visit the Trefethen Family Vineyards web site to book your tasting appointment on your next visit to Napa Valley.

From the Trefethen web site
From the Trefethen web site

I encourage you to visit the Trefethen Family Vineyards web site to learn more about the winery, view their entire portfolio of delicious wines and order the 2014 SIN Rosé today!

My Song Selection: I am going retro 80’s for the song I have chosen to pair with the Trefethen 2013 rosé; I have selected The Ghost in You by the Psychedelic Furs. Even after all these years, this song still sounds fresh and clean with such a pleasant melody. Sitting outside on a beautiful spring/summer day watching the birds fly, listening to this song and sipping Summer in Napa Rosé by Trefethen….PERFECT!

Get your own bottle of Trefethen Family SIN 2014 Rosé and let me know what song you pair with it. Cheers!

8 responses to “How About Napa’s Summer In Your Glass?”

  1. Great post – got me revving for Summer. I’m so sad to hear Trefethen had so much damage during the quake. Yikes. I must visit them soon. Enjoy their wines. Some day be it in Dallas or Napa/Sonoma/SantaBarbara/PasoRobles we’ll klink glasses! Cheers.

      • I’m only curious about cheap wine – doesn’t mean I always drink it 😉 ask my husband when the credit card bill comes….actually let’s not alert him. Maybe he won’t look too closely this month.

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