Celebrating National Rosé Day with #WinePW

As you know from my post on Wednesday, today is National Rosé Day! As luck would have it, it is also the second Saturday of the month, which means #WinePW. It is a fortuitous event to celebrate National Rosé Day with my awesome foodie friends! If you are not already preparing to celebrate this wonderful day I hope we will inspire you!

I have said it before and I will say it again and again; Rosé is one of the best wines to have on your table year round. It is NOT just a wine for summer! In fact, if I had it my way National Rosé Day would be in November because there is no meal better suited for Rosé than Thanksgiving. However, I am not a curmudgeon about it. I will celebrate the joys of Rosé any day, any time.

trefethen 2014 rose2

And because our Wine Pairing Weekend group June host, Nancy of Pull That Cork, chose for us to feature foods paired with Rosé I could not pass up the opportunity to once again sing the praises of my favorite Rosé! This is not the first time I have written about my favorite Rosé. Last May I shared the 2013 vintage in my article “How About Napa’s Summer in Your Glass.” I had hosted my Dallas Wineaux group and we had a great night of wine and food and friendship. I love sharing some great wines with my friends and my favorite Rosé was a show stopper among some Wineauxs with great taste! So I cannot pass up another Rosé opportunity to kick off the season with my favorite: Trefethen Family Vineyards SIN (Summer in Napa) 2014 Rosé!

Trefethen 2014 Rose 5

My first experience with the wine was at the vineyard in 2012. Each vintage since then has not disappointed. It is truly a delicious wine to welcome summer and sip the rest of the year! Over the years my tasting notes have become a bit redundant because it is such a consistently great wine!

Trefethen Rose 2014 6Trefethen Family S.I.N ~ Summer In Napa ~ 2014 Rosé of Pinot Noir: The gorgeous wine was crafted from a specially selected block of 100% Pinot Noir. The 2014 was a vibrant fuchsia with a slight orange hue in the glass; aromas of fresh picked summer red berries including cherries and strawberries are joined with watermelon, orange blossoms, with soft rose petals and fresh herbal notes; the fresh herbs balanced with the fruit and floral notes is my favorite quality of this delicious wine; it is crisp and clean on the palate with nice texture and round acidity that grips the palate and leaves a lingering, dry finish. This wine is fermented in stainless steel to maintain the freshness and terroir of the Pinot Noir grapes. The 2015 vintage has just been released and it goes fast so don’t delay! SRP $25; you simply MUST try this wine. Order direct from Trefethen, I suggest you order more than one bottle.

Trefethen logo

The Trefethen Family winery was hit hard by the Napa Valley earthquake. They have been working hard and have made great progress in rebuilding their historical winery. Make sure you visit them the next time you are in Napa. I recommend the Twilight Tasting, it is awesome! Great people, great wine, great fun!

This wine will is super food friendly and will pair with just about any food you desire. I have enjoyed it with poultry, pork, steak, salad, seafood, shellfish, spicy Thai food and just sipping on its own. You cannot go wrong with Trefethen’s S.I.N.

pulled pork tacos

Sprialized carrot salad with lemon ginger dressing

For this article I chose to pair the wine with pulled pork tacos in sprouted corn tortillas topped with fresh guacamole, mango pineapple salsa and a side of Spiralized Carrot Salad with Lemon Ginger Dressing (and added jicama). It was a great meal for one of the few sunny evenings we have had so we enjoyed our dinner al fresco. The dish was light, flavorful, healthy and delicious. Additionally, it paired beautifully with the Trefethen Rosé. Plus, who doesn’t like a meal with little prep time that cooks in a crock pot all day!

pulled pork tacos with trefethen 2014 rose

This month we have a bounty of  delicious Rosé and food pairings as we celebrate National Rosé Day! Here are more ways to celebrate from my  #WinePW friends:

Camilla from Culinary Adventures with Camilla pairs Rose Petal-Strawberry Granita with Luc Belaire Rare Rosé

Cindy from Grape Experiences will share Wine and Dine: Galil Mountain Rose and Mixed Olive Tapenade

Jill from L’occasion is contemplating Provençal Rosé and a Summer Supper

Martin from Enofylz Wine Blog pairs Chicken and Sausage Paella Paired with a Unicorn Rosé

Wendy from A Day in the Life on the Farm prepares a Seafood Boil featuring Domaine Houchart Cotes de Provence Rose 2015 #WinePW

Jade from Tasting Pour shares Labneh (Kefir) Cheescake with Strawberries & Del Rio Rose Jolee

David from Cooking Chat pairs Grilled Arctic Char with Pineapple Salsa

Lori from Dracaena Wines discusses Are You Impatient? You Could Have Created Rosé

Lauren from The Swirling Dervish considers Where Sicily and Mendoza Meet: Stuffed Roasted Calamari and 2015 Perlita Rosado. June’s #winePW Adventure

Meaghan from Un Assaggio shares Cheeky Pairings: Cod Burger + Rosé #WinePW

Gwendolyn from Art Predator travels Around the World With Rose

Nancy from Pull That Cork will pair A Corsican Rosé and Summer Veggie Pizza for #winePW

Please join us this morning at 10CST on Twitter using #WinePW to share your favorite Rosé and food pairings!

My Song Selection: The Trefethen 2015 Rosé is laid back, easy drinking, and groovy; a perfect wine for a sunny afternoon in summertime or anytime!

Get your own bottle of Trefethen Family S.I.N (Summer in Napa) 2015 Rosé and let me know what song you pair with it! Happy National Rosé Day! Cheers!

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