“The Winds of War” Live-blogged, 1: Love (and wine) in a fascist country.

Summer is here! What better time to begin reading your favorite epic novel with a great glass of wine? This is exactly what Sean Munger had in mind when he contacted me to pair wines with sections of the summer books he is reading. He is live-blogging while he is reading and sipping on a wine that pairs with the mood of the story. Sean is always coming up with fresh and interesting ideas. His blog is unique, educational, and entertaining on a variety of topics. So please follow along with Sean as he takes us into Herman Wouk’s epic novel of war and love with a delicious glass of wine! And stay tuned….more reading and wine is on the way!


windsofwar header 1

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog lately, you may have noticed that I’m reading a lot this summer, and I’m eager to share my literary discoveries with all of you! I am continuing to read Edward Rowe Snow’s curious 1962 volume Mysterious Tales of the New England Coast, which I’ll do another chapter of soon, but I’ve also delved back into the umpteenth rereading of what may be my favorite novel of all time, The Winds of War by Herman Wouk. I reread it just about every year, usually in the summer, and this time I thought I would “live-blog” it–well, maybe not live, but write down my thoughts and maybe make some historical connections as I move through this elaborate, 1000-page story set during the early years of World War II. In doing so I also have a secret weapon: wine! Michelle Williams, who writes

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  1. This is sure a blast from the past – I read it a LONG time ago. Maybe I should read it again. With wine this time!

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