“Mysterious Tales of the New England Coast”: The fate of the S.S. President. And wine!

Hopefully you have already purchased your copy of “The Winds of War and a delicious glass of Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. In addition to war and romance, mysteries are great summer reads! Check out Sean Munger’s latest installment of his Live-Blogging Summer Reading with “Mysterious Tales of the New England Coast” and a delicious glass of Zinfandel!


mysterious tales president header

It’s time for some more light summertime literary adventures…and some wine to go with it! This is the second article in my ongoing series “live blogging” one of my summer reading books, Edward Rowe Snow’s adventure- and mystery-filled 1962 volume Mysterious Tales of the New England Coast. My first installment dealt with the long-enduring mystery of Dighton Rock, an unusual boulder in Massachusetts covered with petroglyphs. Tonight’s installment features a double mystery: first, what happened to the passenger steamer SS President, which vanished after leaving New York in March 1841, and second, where can I find the wine that RockinRed Blog author Michelle Williams, who’s feeding me wine suggestions this summer, thought would be fun to sample while reading this very interesting chapter? As it turns out, the answer to neither mystery is particularly clear!

Edward Rowe Snow, amateur New England coastal historian and armchair adventurer…

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