“The Winds of War” Live-blogged, 4: From Warsaw to Berlin! With wine.

Today’s installment of Sean Munger’s live blogging the “Winds of War” take us from Warsaw to Berlin. The tension rises as Sean takes us through this epic World War II saga. Since we are in Berlin the wine pairing is a lovely and affordable Riesling. Please relax and enjoy the next chapter of Sean’s “The Winds of War.”


windsofwar header 4

With a holiday, family in town, a heat wave to endure and a summer class to prepare for, the moments I have to myself these days are pretty few and far-between. But I’m still forging ahead with my “live-blog” of the 1971 Herman Wouk novel The Winds of War, part of my “Literary Summer” experience involving pleasure reading and wine. Michelle Williams of the RockinRed Blog has been feeding me terrific wine suggestions, both for previous Winds articles (here, here and here), as well as the Mysterious Tales of the New England Coast series. She’s outdone herself yet again with another simple, inexpensive and surprisingly delectable suggestion to pair with this new segment…but before we get there, let’s get back to the book!

In the last segment, I had read up to the part where young hero Byron Henry has just made it back to…

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