We Will Drink No Wine Before It’s Time

Patience is a virtue; however, it is a virtue that frequently eludes me, especially when it comes to wine. Once a wine bottle is uncorked (or unscrewed) it needs time to breathe. You would too if you were trapped in a bottle for 1, 2 or 10 years. It needs to stretch a bit some it can expand to its fullest potential. Think about a dog or cat after a long nap. As they awake they stretch their entire bodies, often give a shake, and then move about their day. This is reasonable and perfectly logical. However, when I open a bottle of wine I don’t like waiting, I want to dive in often unrewarded because the wine is simply not ready. After a long day I don’t want to wait an hour or more for a wine to open. When ordering a bottle of wine at a restaurant I don’t want to wait till dessert for the wine to open. But wait I must…until now!

How can a wine’s true essence be captured?

How and when should a bottle be opened to guarantee tasting it at the right temperature?

What is the best way to reveal the treasure lying dormant in every bottle?

When I come across cool wine gadgets I want to share them with you. This particular wine gadget; Optiwine, was brought to my attention through Facebook by Olivier Caste. Olivier, along with Michael Paetzold have created a revolutionary patented method to bring the best of in wine without all the waiting.

Optiwine log2

Is Optiwine a wine aerator? Yes, BUT it is not just any wine aerator. In fact, it is not like any wine aerator you have ever used. It is wine opening process that allows you to capture the precious essences of the wine that can be lost to time and too much oxygen. Wine Industry Advisor states, “Optiwine offers the possibility for everyone to discover the breadth of aromatic complexity of a wine in all its subtle nuances after the bottle has been opened, with the promise of a more intense tasting experience.”

Michael Paetzold is an oenologist, winemaker and expert in oeno-techniques for over 25 years. He joined forces with Olivier Caste, an ardent wine enthusiast and collector to create Optiwine. After three years of scientific research they discovered that “a wine would reach its apogee (both aromatically and in texture) after being awakened by just a few micrograms of O² per liter (10-40 μg/l).” Meaning, too much oxygen exposes wine to free radicals negatively affecting its aromas, flavors and textures. The Optiwine method of nano-aeration was uniquely crafted to limit the introduction of oxygen up to 100 times less than the traditional method of uncorking a bottle.

Optiwine 2Meet the Optiwiner:

Optiwiners Wine Industry Advisor

Made of high quality resin, Surlyn®, it has the same transparency as crystal, it is durable, shock resistant, scratch proof, odorless, offers no molecular interaction with the wine and cleans with simple running it under warm water. It is 100% French conception and manufactured. Though it is round it actually is comprised of sixteen sides, each “essential for the harmonious redistribution of the optimum quantity of oxygen.”

Optiwine understands the unique characteristics of different varietals and ages of wines; therefore, there are 3 Optiwiners to meet all your wine needs.

  • Optiwiner 4: Red wines 0 to 4 years old
  • Optiwiner 6: Red wine 5 to 10 years old; white and rose wine 0 to 2 years old
  • Optiwiner 8: Red wine over 10 years old; white and rose wine over 2 years old

Optiwiners have been designed for bottles with cork closures and work on sizes from half bottles to magnums. To use with larger formats order an additional Optiwiner. Additionally, Optiwiner stays in the bottle after each pour controlling the oxygen levels through nano-aeration throughout your entire wine enjoyment. Like I said earlier, the wine is not poured through the Optiwiner flooding it with oxygen in a bubbling, gurgling display; rather, Optiwine uses a gentle, controlled technique to provide you the best wine possible. It is simple and easy to use. Watch this short video:

Optiwine how to use

Thanks to nano-aeration your precious bottles will offer you all their finesse and plenitude. The nose will be fully expressive, the palate will be harmonious, the texture amplified….. your wine will reach the height of its beauty and magic.

This means that you can, in all confidence, open your wine between 10 minutes and up to several hours before tasting, simply by leaving the optiwiner on the bottle. If you wish to decant your wine that has benefitted from the optiwiner, we recommend that you do so just before serving

Wine Industry Advisor shares François Mitjaville, Best Winemaker of the World 2013, thoughts on Optiwine: “Few days ago, my friends Mickaël Paetzold and Olivier Caste presented me Optiwine. I was skeptical, thereby we tasted several vintage, young and old. Spectacular results, delightful wines expressions and vintages! Thank you for this nice work.”

I too was skeptical about Optiwine. It certainly does not look like much more than a wine stopper. We tried it on a 2009 Cliff Lede Stags Leap District Cabernet Sauvignon. We opened the wine, followed the Optiwine instructions and at 10 minutes on the nose poured the wine. For a wine that had been bottled for 6 years it was outstanding from the first sip, full of complex and layered flavors and aromas. We also tried the Optiwine with 2012 Melka CJ Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. This time we waited 20 minutes. A much younger wine that was every bit as layered and complex was delicious, full and flavorful on the first sip. Neither of these wines felt tight at all! Our next try was Sartori de Verona 2010 Ferdi IGT. A delicate yet complex, flavorful white wine that was beautiful after 10 minutes. Finally, Paola Bea Vignaolo Pagliaro 2007 Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG. A huge wine, full of flavor, acidity and deep tannins. We patiently waiting one hour for a wine that could use up to a day for full evolution. It was outstanding. The tannins were present yet integrating, complex layers of flavors and textures. Additionally, the wine continued to evolve over the course of a few hours with the Optiwiner in it between pours.

I am thrilled to have been provided a media sample of the Optiwine Luxury kit. It is now a part of my regular wine enjoyment!

However, don’t take my word for it. Order your own Optiwiner and please share your thoughts with me by commenting on this article or reaching me through social media. I would truly love to hear your Optiwine experiences. The Optiwiner is available in three ways:

Optiwine StandardOptiwine Standard: 55 €





Optiwine LuxuryOptiwine Luxury: 75 €





Optiwine singleSingle Optiwiner: 19 €





And as soon as distribution is complete Optiwine will be available in the US! However, you can  order through Optiwine’s  web site today and enjoy your Optiwiner immediately. Furthermore, for a limited time only Optiwine is providing FREE SHIPPING to all Rockin Red Blog readers using coupon code “RockinRedBlog” so don’t wait, order your Optiwine today!

7 responses to “We Will Drink No Wine Before It’s Time”

    • Hi Jeff. I did not do a blind test. I simply used it on a variety of wines. A blind test would be good but I did find it very positive after 10 minutes on a 6 year old wine that I would have typically given much more time.

  1. I’m looking forward to testing it myself – if possible I will try it with 2 bottles side by side, 1 poured with the optiwiner and 1 poured normally. should be fun!

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