“The Winds of War” Live-blogged, 8: Honeymoon in Lisbon, wine in Boston!

The Winds of War returns! In this installment Herman Wouk provides us some insight to the US involvement in WWII before entering the war through the “Lend-Lease” program. We also catch back up with Pug, Byron and Rhoda. If that is not enough, it concludes with delicious wines and Cheez-Its! Grab a glass and follow along as Sean Munger takes us back into the “Winds of War!”


windsofwar header 8

When I began live-blogging Herman Wouk’s 1000-page-plus World War II epic The Winds of War back in June, I had no idea it was going to be such a long haul to the end! Yet here we are, almost three months later, still at it. I’m determined to finish this book despite the odds, which as of the last article were getting daunting. I had reached barely the middle of the book and I knew my research trip to Boston was going to slow me down after that. Fortunately I made up for lost time. Long plane flights and at least one down-time evening in Boston enabled me to make a lot of progress on the book, though without Michelle Williams of the RockinRed Blog on hand to choose wines for me, as has been her custom in this series, I felt a little more like I was out…

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