Wine and War: Chateau La Tour Carnet

The final day of our epic Millesima En Primeur Bordeaux week brought us to a winery with a storied past. The origins of Chateau La Tour Carnet have been lost over time. It is known the winery dates back at least till the medieval period, probably beyond. In the 13th century the property was owned by Maison de Foix. He and his faithful squire were loyal to the Crown of England. When Bordeaux capitulated to the King of France in 1451, Foix and Carnet refused to submit, bringing them many misadventures, including war. Though the King of France eventually partially destroyed the property, Carnet’s name remained. During the French Revolution the estate was bought by a Swedish nobleman so it was largely spared and during this time the Chateau gained lasting prestige. In 1855, Chateau La Tour Carnet was rewarded for the quality of its wine by receiving Grand Cru Classe status for the Universal Exhibition in Paris. Today, Chateau La Tour Carnet is owned by Bernard Magrez. It is restored to the fullness of its former glory both in property and in the quality of its wine.


Our tour of Chateau La Tour Carnet began with a greeting from two gorgeous black swans. I wish I had taken video because as we approached the castle them swam up to us in the moat and began singing. It was remarkable.



The interior had a real medieval feel. I wish I had taken pictures of the two gorgeous bedrooms and baths that are available to rent for guests. It would be truly wonderful to spend a few days there!


The grassy area in the back of the castle was all once part of the original building but was destroyed through wars. The moat runs around the entire grassy area.



Upstairs by the bedrooms was a lovely chapel filled with beautiful Christian artifacts. I really love the Christian theme in both Chateau Pape Clement and Chateau La Tour Carnet…so much history!


We had a delicious lunch in the exquisite dining room upstairs. It was such a treat to get to dine in such beautiful accommodations.




After lunch we toured the winery and cellars with the winemaker. But that is not all, La Tour Carnet had one last awesome surprise for us! We actually got to make our very own Chateau La Tour Carnet 2014 Bordeaux! That’s right! We were given two bottles of 2014 single varietals Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon and we began mixing until we came up with our very own Bordeaux blend. As I have said before I am more of a right bank kinda gal; however, this Bordeaux trip continued to challenge my tastes. That challenge included the delicious wine I crafted at La Tour Carnet. After crafting 8 different blends I decided upon a 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot blend. It was a wonderful experience that was highly education and totally fun!



we even corked and capsuled our wines!
we even corked and capsuled our wines!


As this article concludes my four part series on my truly amazing week in Bordeaux I cannot express enough gratitude for Millesima and Bernard Magrez. I was blown away and overwhelmed by the generosity we received from everyone in Bordeaux. It was really a life changing week that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I made five great new friends and met many more wonderful people who I hope to stay in touch with and see again soon. I thoroughly enjoyed En Primeurs. For me it took going through the process to really understand it. It was such an honor to taste the 2015s En Primeur. I want to do it again next year! Thank you to all who worked so hard to give us a glorious week in Bordeaux!

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  1. Bravo! I don’t want it to end. I feel like I was there – well not really but that’s what I tell myself so I don’t seethe in envy 🍷😜 so so fabulous – thank you so much for reporting back and taking such great pictures. That tasting room – unbelievable! Xoxo

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    Michelle Williams of the Rockin Red Blog, as you may know, recently had the honor of going on a wine tour to France specifically for influential wine bloggers. This article is the concluding part of her account of that tour, and she gives us a taste of Bordeaux’s Chateau la Tour Carnet, which as you’ll see has an amazing history! Wine is inescapably intertwined with history, and this article demonstrates it. A very interesting read!

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