How to Achieve True Balance in Life!

This is a special week Rockin Red Blog. Today, Wednesday, and Friday will feature original content by three people who are important in my life and not bloggers. This week kicks off with my friend and trainer Marc Zalmanoff. Marc is exceptional as a trainer and licensed nutrition coach, as well as a human. His positive attitude never fades. He approaches life, his occupation, and his clients with moderation and common sense. In a world of fads and gimmicks, it is so nice to have an honest, reliable source of health and fitness information. So please enjoy a little non-wine speak today as Marc shares his perspective on achieving balance.

“You know what it’s like having 5 kids? Imagine you’re drowning, and someone hands you a baby.” ~ Jim Gaffigan

Now I don’t have 5 kids, and I can’t even begin to fathom what a juggling act that would entail. However, I do have 2 kids, and there have been times throughout their lives when they have required considerably more attention than other times.

The same could be said for my career path in fitness and nutrition…

Or during college finals week…

Or when training for an upcoming obstacle course race…

Or or or!!

I hear people speak often of achieving balance in life. If you’re reading this, you obviously have the innawebs, therefore putting you a couple steps ahead of a few billion people on this planet. It also means you most likely live in a society with an ever increasing demand on our time, energy, and money.

Most of us wear numerous “hats” throughout each day.

Mother, father, son, daughter, spouse, student, boss, employee, coach, leader, the guy that gets coffee for everyone, Batman.

I’m not old by any means, but something I have come to realize over the years is there really is no such thing as balance, and the pursuit of said balance is a futile effort.

The literal definition of balance is: a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

So that means in a 24 hour time frame, you’d spend equal parts serving all those roles. Hell, being Batman alone takes up at least 8 hours!!

The reality of our lives is we are ever changing, ever evolving, and the world around us is doing the same. Most of us have experienced the rigors of furthering our education, and when we have finals or a certification or a board exam, the majority of our energy is delegated to those endeavors. For those of you who have children, you fully understand pouring every ounce of whatever you have into caring for your newborn (unless you’re Beyonce, then I’m sure you have people who do that for you). If you’re self employed or you call the shots where you work, you know the responsibility that comes with running the show.

NONE of these things resemble balance whatsoever, yet most people would agree they are all noble and worthwhile pursuits.

So here are a couple of pieces of completely unscientific and unsolicited advice from yours truly!

Allow yourself to stop looking for balance in your life, and pursue the things you love with whatever resources you choose. If you absolutely love your work (as I do!) and you want to stay up late researching or furthering your education, or you don’t mind putting in extra hours at the office because it brings you joy to serve others in what you do, then DO IT!

If you love playing card games with your kids and enjoy the bonding time, even if it means you have to put off other adult tasks until later, DO IT!!

If you’re an athlete putting in what most would call an inordinate amount of time training because you’re preparing for an event you enjoy…KEEP F**KIN’ DOING IT!!

You are the master of your time. It’s the one resource you can never get back, so use it how you see fit.

My other advice is this, be present wherever you are, with whatever you’re doing. If you’re playing with your kids, play with them. If you’re working, work. If you’re workout out, put your full focus into every set and rep. The more QUALITY time you have, I believe, the more fulfilling your life will be.

Balance schmalance, live your life doing the things you love and don’t worry about attaining a concept that is unachievable.

Thanks for reading, and as always, if there is anything I can do to help you with your fitness or nutrition, hit me up! I’m here for your success. The Fitness Ninja

Aaannnddd GO!!

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